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third eye opening

Forums ► Astral Projection ► third eye opening
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third eye opening
Post # 1
Has anyone opened their third eye? I would like to hear your experiences.
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Re: third eye opening
By: / Novice
Post # 2
my third eye has always been the most open. having a chakra too open can be a bad thing just as having one closed is. if it's black you'll suffer from headaches, too open and your imagination can run wild. a balanced third eye you can have psychic prediction and clairvoyance. you won't have many headaches and you're imagination won't run wild. as a child i had an overactive imagination. mine was as a kid and still is, just means i do a lot of art and writing so i keep focused on reality. boring dull reality.

i don't know what i feels like to open it, because as i said, but when i open the others, i've felt different. the root, i didn't feel at nervous. you will be able to hear/see spirits better too when you open your third eye. just be sure to work on all of them, because it's not good to work with only one.
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Re: third eye opening
By: Moderator / Adept
Post # 3

There is a change in the way one feels when they work with their chakras no matter how opened and aligned their chakras were before they started. Chakras are energy points within the body. When you work with them they are stimulated which causes more energy to touch or run through them. As you meditate and draw positive energy into the body and push negative energy out your chakras are being stimulated. Focusing on them while meditating will stimulate them even more. The feelings or sensations associated with this are different for every chakra and they can also vary from person to person. Most feel a warming of the body; an inner tickle or vibration; their shield or energy field expanding; a deeper connection to the universe; "more aware", in general, of their surroundings, of their feelings, etc.

Specifically for the third eye I tell my students that they will know when their third eye is open and working. No one will have to tell them that it is. If a person is not sure if their third eye is open then most likely it is not open yet and the person needs to keep working because they are getting closer.

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Re: third eye opening
Post # 4
How to open the third eye and attune oneself with the astral world was the first thing I was taught on my magickal path. When I got it fully open it changed my life greatly. Being able to see and talk to spirits is a great advantage in magick (in my opion) as that has enabled me to learn the branch of moon magick I practice. It opened up a whole new world for me. I have experenced many things on the astral from love and compasion to violence and hate. Unforantly I can no longer see as well as I was able to, due to bindings on my 3rd eye.
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