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Past lives

Forums ► Misc Topics ► Past lives
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Past lives
Post # 1
How do I find out about my past life or lives. I think I met someone who was in my past life or lives.
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Re: Past lives
Post # 2
There are lots of spells you can do, just gogle it
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Re: Past lives
Post # 3
I believe that people who met in past lives are more likely to meet again in this one. I recently learned a spell from from TorturedLove that let me see my past lives. Maybe that could help you.
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Re: Past lives
Post # 4
You don't need a spell to gain access to past lives. All you simply need to do is a past life regression. There are many different meditations that can help you access your past lives. Two meditations that I do are on CDs and they are called:
Past-life Regression with the Angels by Doreen Virtue and Regressions through the mirror of time by Brian L. Weiss
You don't need a audio cd for regressions you can simply look up written past life regressions as well either on the internet or find them in certain magickal or past life books.

If a past life regression does not work the first time you try it that is ok. It may take a few tries, you just need to keep trying and also trust what it is you,feel,hear,or see.
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Re: Past lives
Post # 5
There is a good meditation way for it:

1. This meditation will last roughly about 30 minutes, you will want to get in a comfortable position that you can maintain for this length of time.

2. Begin by closing your eyes, and take three deep breaths. Fill your lungs with air to their fullest capacity.

3. With each exhale, imagine a white light entering your body. Visualize this white light running through your body from the top to the bottom ridding your body of all stress and negativity.

4. Keeping your eyes closed, visualize your pituitary gland. This is the small gland found at the middle of the forehead, right above the brow. This is said to be your third eye, and the door to your higher consciousness. Keep focused on this point.

5. Visualize a brightly lit tunnel, while keeping your focus on your third eye, imagine your spirit leaving your body and entering into this tunnel.

6. As you enter the tunnel you come across a glass door. With each step closer, you feel more relaxed and at peace, you feel uplifted and connected to the universe.

7. As you approach the door, they automatically open and invite your soul into this realm of enlightenment. Beyond the doors your spiritual sanctuary awaits.

8. Now open the door and go inside.

9. Begin to imagine your spiritual self conducting a spiritual meditation. As you relax, you arrive deeper into the spiritual realm. As you inhale, mentally say to yourself "I have arrived" and as you exhale " I am home".

10. Imagine your higher self closing your third eye and reopening it.

11. ( Your eyes still closed) Take a moment to explore your surroundings with your third eye. What do you see? Be sure to keep your mind free of any distracting thoughts. Allow any visualizations or memories from the past life to naturally manifest. Don't worry if you do not notice anything the first time this takes practice.

12. Take in a deep breath, begin to feel your body, become more and more aware of your surroundings, have a nice long and hard stretch, then open your eyes.

Try it few times , and don't worry, it is not risky.
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