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Empathic Manipulation:

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Empathic Manipulation:
Post # 1

OK, so I was thinking about this the other day, and I want all your opinions on it: Is something as complex and as far out as being able to psychically project, manipulate or even alter the emotions of others an actually achievable ability?

I read up on it, and most of what I've found hasn't exactly been the most concrete of information, but some say it is real and thriving. Others would choose to discard it to the work of comics...

But what do you think? I mean, it sounds a lot like some sort of ability that would result from Clairsentience , because it is the complete polar opposite of the ability to sense and feel emotions and energies alike .

I don't know, I thought I'd just throw this out there and get a second opinion on this. I personally think that this is a real ability, because I believe that if we can read people and see and sense things that we would in no other way have any knowledge of, then why wouldn't we be able to do this ?

You see?

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Re: Empathic Manipulation:
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
Post # 2
I, personally, would have to agree with you and your theory. I believe it is possible to alter some one's emotions through a sense of reverse-empathy - per say. I shall explain on two points.

My first point in explaing is the statement of how empathy works for me; which I have known I have the empathic ability for most of my life. But keep in mind that every one experiences things differently, no matter how similar experiences may appear to be similar; or "exact" for that matter. Empathy, to me, revolves around the basis of energies and the various vibration frequencies of energy. (In short, every thing has energy in one form or another. The energyies give off vibrations.) When I make a connection to some one, whether intentional or not, it's more than just a mind to mind/spirit to spirit/physically touching connection, it is connecting my energy to the energy of the person in question. The emotions I have are instantaneously dulled down so that I do not mistake my emotions for theirs. The emotions of the person directly tie into their energy. Meaning that their emotions give off different vibrations of energy; when I connect my energy to their energy I feel these different vibrations and my energy vibrations begin to change frequencies to match theirs; thus, allowing me to feel their emotion. And this lasts until the connection is broken. Once broken, my energy vibrations gradually returns back to normal.

My second point is to explain how the alteration of another person's emotion could quite possibly be accomplished; reverse-empathy as I called it. This requires a few things, I dare say. The first is to have an understanding and a decent amount of experience with basic energy manipulation. The second requirement is to have enough experience with feeling other people's emotions to know the basic idea of what vibration matches what emotion. Keep in mind that energy vibrations that associate with emotions may be similar for most people but never exactly the same. This is why you need substantial experience to know the basic idea of the emotion's energy vibration. And the last requirement would be the most obvious - an empathic connection to the person who's emotion(s) you aim to alter. So, the basic process would be to start by making the empathic connection. From there, decide on what emotion shall be the "new" emotion (if you have not prior decided). Next would be to use energy manipulation to alter/manipulate the original emotion's vibration to match that of the new emotion's vibration, starting with your self. And lastly push that alteration from your self to the person in question via the empathic connection prior made.

Please note that the first step is strictly how I view empathy works and that the second point is strictly theoretical (presently).
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Re: Empathic Manipulation:
Post # 3

I agree. I think that your points are very, very well-thought out and developed. You may just be one of the smarter of the Empaths on this site! :) hah

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Re: Empathic Manipulation:
Post # 4
Of course it is 'possible'. If one can 'sense' emotions then one can 'alter' them. I relegate this to the 'darker' aspects of magic as you are 'altering' someone else's mind in doing so.
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Re: Empathic Manipulation:
By: / Beginner
Post # 5
The simple answer to your question is...yes.

I call it projective empathy. For anyone with empathic ability, it's surprisingly easy. Many empaths actually do this without realizing it. If you've ever noticed your mood affecting the people around you, that's what is going on.

You can learn to control it. You can even learn how to project emotions to other people that you are not feeling yourself (you want to make someone happier but you aren't happy, you can still project happiness, it just takes some practice)

Anyone who wants more information can mail me. I've tested this in a blind scenario where the person I was affecting had no idea what was being done. It is real and it works great. I won't tell you how to do it on a public forum because there are people who misuse this skill. This is the kind of thing I'll only teach to people who seem to be genuinely nice folks. I've seen some horrible stuff done with projective empathy.
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