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Name: Sarafiel
Location: Walking among the humans of the earth.
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My name is Sarafiel. My real name you will learn if you get to know me well. I have been practicing magic for almost 20 years. I can do many things. Listing them here is pointless, if you would like to know please ask me. You may ask me anything. I will always try to find the answer for you. If I don't already know I have a lot of resources for looking things up.
I do teach people but I don't teach strangers. Please don't ask me if you don't know me. Feel free to ask me questions, that's why I'm here, just please don't ask to be my student unless we've already spoken a few times.
I love people almost as much as I hate them. I am almost as nice as I am cruel. I can be a handful and I love to keep you guessing. One thing you can never do is predict me. That's about all there is to say.
Oh and I took that Chakra Test, here's the results.

Root: open (50%)
Sacral: open (75%)
Navel: over-active (100%)
Heart: over-active (100%)
Throat: over-active (100%)
Third Eye: over-active (100%)
Crown: open (75%)
PS This picture is MY art. Yes, I drew it. With my hands, and a pencil on paper. If you have anything to say about it, please keep that in mind. I didn't just dig this up online like most people do.