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The Magick of Flowers

Forums ► Herbalism ► The Magick of Flowers

The Magick of Flowers
Post # 1
Flowers are great to use when there is a lot of emotion involved, especially love, naturally. They are moderately easy to use, and most are available at any flower shop. The more flowers you have, the more effective the spell will be.

Acacia - friendship
Amaryllis - Beauty, timidity, shyness, love
Anemone - Abandonment, forsakeness
Apple Blossom - Preference
Arbutus - Fidelity, true love
Aster - Variety
Bachelor's Button - Hope, patience
Beech (Fire Element) - Personal finances, gambling, money
Birch - (Water Element) - Dreams, astral travel
Buttercup - (Fire Element) - Ambition, social matters, riches
Camellia - Gratitude
Red Carnation - Poor Heart, forlorn
Pink Carnation - Deep Love
Striped Carnation - Refusal
White Carnation - Purity
Cedar - (Fire Element) - Goals
Cherry - (Earth Element) - Intelligence
China Aster - Variety
Red Chrysanthemum - Love
White Chrysanthemum - Truth
Cinnamon - (Fire and Water Elements) - Business, logic
Clematis - (Earth and Air Elements) - Soulmates
Cock's Comb - (Fire and Water Elements) - Partnerships
Coltsfoot - (Fire and Water Elements) - Political Power
Cyclamen - Diffidence
Daisy - (Fire and Water Elements) - Swift movement, a decision
Dahlia - Dignity and elegance, or instability
Daffodil - Unrequited love, or high regards
Fern - (Earth Element) - Wisdom, fascination
Fir - (All Elements) - Manifestation
Forget-Me-Not - Remembering, clinging to the past
Fuscia - Taste or frugality
Geranium - Preference, Friendship
Gladiolus - Strong character, strength, integrity
Hazel - (Earth Element) - Communication
Heather - (Earth and Air Elements) - Beauty
Hemlock - (All Elements) - Protection
Heliotrope - (Fire Element) - Success
Hibiscus - Delicacy, beauty, fragility, temporary pleasures
Holly - Questioning
Hyacinth - Constancy
Iris - (Water Element) - Reincarnation, a message, travel
Ivy - (Earth and Air Elements) - Friendships
Jonquil - Desire
Lavender - (Earth Element) - Healing, faith
Purple Lilac - First emotions of love, obsession
White Lilac - Youth, children
Lily of the Valley - Happiness, good luck
Marigold - (Fire Element) - Health, affection, or constructive loss, rebirth
Morning Glory - Affection
Moss - (All Elements) - Binding
Motherwort - (Water Element) - Imagination, creativity
Myrrh - (All elements) - Binding
Narcissus - Egotism, self love, self concept
Nasturtium - Patriotism, paternal love
Nightshade - (All Elements) - Death, rebirth, lunar activity
Oak - (Fire Element) - Personal finances, wealth
Orris Root - (Water Element) - Psychology, subconsciousness, psychicism
Pansy - Thoughts, reflection, memory
Peony - Shame, bashfulness, unrealized desires
Pepper - (Fire and Water Elements) - Energy
Periwinkle - (Earth Element) - Memory, Education
Pine - (Fire and Water Elements) - Courage
Poppy - Consolation, avoidance of problems
Pink Rose - (Earth and Air Elements) - Romantic love
Red Rose - (Fire and Water Elements) - Passion
White Rose - (Water Element) - Silence
Wild Rose - (Earth Element) - Simplicity, honesty
Yellow Rose - Unfaithfulness
Sage - (Earth and Air Elements) - Artistic ability
Sweet Pea - A meeting
Sweet William - Gallantry
Thyme - (Fire and Water Elements) - Swift movement, action
Tulip - Fame
Vervain - (Water Element) - Feminine power, women's power, abilities, problems
Violet - (Earth and Air Elements) - Artistic ability, faithfulness, fidelity
Water Lily - (Earth and Air Elements) - Harmony
Willow - (Water Element) - Psychology, psychic powers, psychicism
Wolfsbane - (All Elements) - Neutralization, balance, temperance
Zinnia - Absence, lost friends

Posted by Lady Abigail
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Re: The Magick of Flowers
Post # 2
This is the language of flowers. I did a tiny bit of study on this subject, but I hadnt studied it this far. Well done.
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Re: The Magick of Flowers
Post # 3
What does a tiger lily stand for?
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Re: The Magick of Flowers
Post # 4
Buying flowers for use in magic, this is very misleading. To rituals and spells to work they need to be collected in certain phases of the moon!
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Re: The Magick of Flowers
Post # 5
That's not necessarily true. Some herbs and flowers have lore that says picking them at a certain time with add to their magical abilities in spells and rituals, but there is no law that says you have to do so.

For example, lore says that you should pick Saint John's Wort before sunrise while the dew is still on it if you want to use it in love or divination spells. (Information found in: The Witch Book: The Encyclopedia of Witchcraft, Wicca, and Neo-Paganism. - Written by Raymond Buckland.). However, you don't have to do so. It will work just as well for the same purposes without it being specially picked.
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Re: The Magick of Flowers
Post # 6
Since the beginning of time when gathering flowers were taken into account different rules: observe certain days, times of day, phase of the moon. Some plants were collected only during a full moon or just at midnight. Others were cut with scissors just as it was believed that contact with the skin, they lose their magical qualities. Some of the plants came up with a certain hand, disrupted only after the preliminary spell or pronounce praise to appease.

At the present time, few people truly understands the herbs, flowers, roots. From one book to another, different authors re-write the same thing, and with errors.

For me, this author is not an authority. I myself write books and articles in Russian.
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Re: The Magick of Flowers
Post # 7
That may be, but I've worked with plants for as long as I can remember and I know from personal experience that you don't necessarily need to harvest a plant at a specific time. I've read several gardening books, both magical and otherwise and I prefer to harvest the plants in my own way. While how you harvest and when may need to be taken into account with certain plants it is not a universal truth. If someone is unable to harvest a plant with a certain item or at a certain time, they can still harvest it and get the same end result as someone that took a harvesting style, tool, or time into account. In my opinion and experience it's all in how you handle and consecrate/bless the plant for spell or ritual purposes. This is one of the reasons that I dislike buying plants from a store, as I have no idea how they were handled and generally stores don't take into account a plants natural magical energies or uses. I prefer to grow and harvest my own plants, herbs, etc. In this way I know that their energies or magical uses are being taken into account and handled in the proper way.

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Re: The Magick of Flowers
Post # 8
The position of the moon in the sign of the Zodiac is in the collection of herbs important role. Medicinal herbs for the treatment of a particular organ, collected when the moon is in the sign, the control of that body, are particularly effective. For example, those herbs that stimulate the digestive organs, particularly useful if they are collected in the days of the Virgin. Of the plants collected during the fish, you can make an effective cream for the feet.
Flowers: The best way to collect the spring or summer when the plant is in the juice (preferably in the afternoon). The sun should shine, or at least should be very warm to the flowers opened, and they were life-giving sap. Not very useful for those plants that have already faded.

Collect the flowers need at a young moon in the days of Flower (Gemini, Libra, Aquarius), or under the sign of Scorpio. An alternative is the moon on the rise (from Sagittarius to Gemini), if the young moon was unsuitable weather.

Make stocks for the winter should be in ascending or descending moon, because at that time, the flowers dry better.
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Re: The Magick of Flowers
Post # 9
In the magic of plants collected by strict rules. If you do not follow the rules that spell will not work!
For you, there is a difference between magic and Feng Shui ?
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Re: The Magick of Flowers
By: / Beginner
Post # 10
marfa id like to know what you think makes you an authority oh plants and herb many people on this site has been working with them for a very long time i myself have had great success with store bought herbs its all about what you believe if you believe it wont work unless you do it a specific way than it wont if you believe it doesn't realy matter and it will work either way than it will
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