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Forums ► Herbalism ► Cannabis

Post # 1
As one of man's first domesticated crops, Cannabis has help humankind thrive and survive for years. Cannabis cultivation began in china around 8000 BCE and quickly spreader to surrounding regions as a "miracle crop" used for fiber,oil,food,medicine,and ritual. In Japan,cannabis was an important part of Shinto.where it was sacred to the sun goddess Amaterasu. Cannabis made it to England around 70 a.d. And has been grown all over ever since. I regard it as one of earths most mystical and sacred plants.
But it is now regulated by governments.

In my opinion cannabis is the key to a greener and healthier planet.
As witches (or "wizards",shamans,healers,thinkers,gurus,high-poobahs,and mediums) we specialize in independent thinking.

What is your opinion on hemp?


Hemphasis. "chronology of the cultivization of hemp throughout history" www.hemphasis.net/history/history.htm

Soiferman,Ezra " hemp facts" hempfarm.org/papers/hemp_facts.html

(please excuse any grammatical errors.)

For further reading
Http://www.hemphasis.net/Building/plastic mettle.htm
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Re: Cannabis
Post # 2
In my opinion, cannabis has no place in magical practice. Some people may claim that it enhances their ability, or clears their vision, however in my experience all it does is delude. Anyone can take drugs and get high, it doesn't make you any more skilled at magic. Of course, this is not even considering the sizable amount of research that links cannabis to mental health issues. In the end, it's a personal choice.
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Re: Cannabis
Post # 3
I half agree with you Desidae.

I think it can have a effect in magic, mainly for astral work and things as such. Just because it is considered a drug doesnt mean I am going to write it off as having any metaphysical use, but I most certainly wont use it.
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Re: Cannabis
By: / Knowledgeable
Post # 4
There is some evidence of practical use of Cannabis in magick, usually in conjunction with healing and journeying, but it is not widespread.

The issue of Hemp, however, is entirely different and shouldn't be approached in the same conversation.
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Re: Cannabis
Post # 5
nope. Hemp is cultivated specifically for the fiber and does not generally have the drug effect of Cannibis plants grown for that purpose.

study more.
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Re: Cannabis
Post # 6
Thank you :)
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Re: Cannabis
By: Moderator / Adept
Post # 7

Cannabis plants are male or female. One produces THC in the proper conditions and the other does not. Hemp is made of the fibrous material of both plants and is one of the best natural fibers out there.

The smoking of the plants buds containing THC can aid in magical workings for some. It has been used for ages as a medicinal plant as well. Many find the plant helpful in alleviating chronic pain.

The use of hemp in magical workings goes along with the idea that natural fibers are best for magic.

The demonization of the plant is very sad and was brought about for political reasons. I personally think that it is one's choice to utilize the different parts of the plant for magical workings

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Re: Cannabis
By: / Beginner
Post # 8
In my opinion, cannabis feeds your mind with illusions of what isnt there when you use it for the purpose of ritual. So I dont use it in my practice. However, I think its fine to use it for other things, such as medicine.
But in conclusion, I think it is a personal choice on whether to use it or not. But make your choice wisely and do plenty of research beforehand.

Blessed be.
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Re: Cannabis
Post # 9

I believe marijuana to be a very useful tool in magical workings. In my experience it sets one out of the normal thinking patterns, and more often then not it gives new insight. I actually learned to read energy by smoking because each high has a different "feel."

I use it recreationally as well as ritually. When ritually smoking the effects are far more intense and not quite as enjoyable, but much more is learned. I believe the plant has a place in any magical working if used right.
And remember... it isn't legal everywhere, don't break the law.

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Re: Cannabis
By: / Novice
Post # 10
I agree with Satvia. Those who say drug use has no magical benefit most likely have never experienced it. In many practices around the world different drugs are used for magical purpose. Shaman in South America use ayahuasca to aid in healing and journey. Mind altering substances have been used around the world for these purposes.
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