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Question about candles

Forums ► Magic Items ► Question about candles
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Question about candles
Post # 1
I am going to be casting my first spell which needs a black candle, I have got one BUT the spell says to let the candle burn right down, trouble is all I could get was a 33 hour burning one, what happens with a spell if the candle is put out before it burns down, and when i do put it out what should i do with what remains of the candle?

I really need for this spell to work and don't want anything to spoil its power.

Thank you for the replies :).
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Re: Question about candles
By: / Knowledgeable
Post # 2
33hrs! I want one! Lol

Hello again. I'm usually one of the few members of SoM that post at this time.

I stock up on black candles around Halloween, which I suggest you do in the future. But since Halloween has passed, you're probably having a hard time. You may need to go to a candle store, an occult/metaphysical shop (you can search on witchvox.com for one in your area), or substitute with a white candle.

If it is the jar type of candle, you can make a new candle out of it. Buy some medium wick string, set the jar in hot water to soften the wax, then scoop some out. Heat the wax gently. Warm the new smaller container in hot water (thick glass, metal, or ceramic) dry it and place the wick inside. Pour the hot wax around the wick to the height you desire, letting it cool then cutting the wick to about 1/2inch. If you want it to burn evenly, you have to poke some holes in the wax just after the top begins to set and pour more into the holes to get rid of any air bubbles. If it isn't a jar, that is one heck of a candle and I'd say take a knife to it. It may not be small, but a well placed kitchen knife can change that. I cut my candles all the time for rituals.

I have so many candles I could probably go for half a year without electrical lights! I pick them up everytime I see them on clearance. I love candles, not just for spellwork, but in general.

I personally like for my candles to burn out. But it isn't necessary. If my candles don't burn out, I bury them or use them as a battery for the spell, stashed in my sock drawer.

If you must put it out yourself, I suggest using a snuffer instead of blowing it out. I maintain the image in my mind that the flame's energy is still burning and will do so until my goal is reached, as if it becomes the spirit/soul of the spellwork itself. If you don't have a snuffer, an old spoon you don't like works just as well. Everyone has that odd spoon that doesn't quite fit the rest of their utensil collection. If I'm outside I use dirt or let the wind get to it.
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Re: Question about candles
Post # 3
Thanks WhiteRav3n for your reply again :)

I will have to remember about the black candles around halloween time or look at other shops :).

The candle i got was a pillar candle as that was all i could manage to get. I think i will cut it to make it alot smaller than it is, at least now i know it won't ruin the spell at all by cutting it down....my main concern was incase it had less power due to putting out the flame but now you have given me some tips i can go ahead without worry :).

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Re: Question about candles
By: Moderator / Adept
Post # 4
This thread has been moved to Magic Items from General Info.
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Re: Question about candles
By: / Adept
Post # 5
Another alternative is to burn the candle is sections. Put eight pins in the candle, dividing it into nine equal parts. Repeat part of your spellwork each night for nine consecutive nights - or at least the prayers/visualizations. Burn the candle for a few hours until you reach the level of the pin.

Place the candle in a sturdy holder and burn it in a cake pan, cookie sheet, or some other metal dish. You can even leave it burning in a bathtub if you're worried about fire danger. I have done this myself countless times.
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