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Cleansing a House

Forums ► Misc Topics ► Cleansing a House
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Cleansing a House
Post # 1

Hello everyone, today i would like to make a post on cleansing a house to be rid of negative energy and or spirits. Cleansing a house daily will help you strengthen your energies and keep all negative energies out. Having too much negative energy will cause damage and will be very hard to concentrate, for when casting a spell or performing a ritual. When energy is imbalanced things can go wrong or not work out as you want them too. If you are not fully aware of your energy and the energies around you.

There are so many ways of doing cleansing and or protection for a house or your self or other objects, people, places, no matter the description cleansing yourself or an area will keep you in good and healthy shape.

This is my version of cleansing a house, its not too complicated and not to hard. I will also list a few other things that also helps cleanse a house.

My first step i do is always start with medtation before doing anything, even know meditation is not always easy its best solution if you want the best results. Meditate for about 15 to 20 minutes or however long you feel to help clear your mind and relax your body.

I make blessed salt water and keep them in jars. I also burn sage, but since i have animals in the house. I rarely use sage because sometimes sage can be toxic to some animals. So use my blessed water. I also keep a jar of salt for protection as well.

Another protection tool is also known by a lot of witches, wiccans, and pagans a like is called besom broom, besoms are used to clean a house by whiping out all negative energy and cleansing your working space or home in general. Witches keep it with all their work space, and items. or where ever they feel need it. You can also keep it in the kitchen.

For cleansing a house start by first placing salt near the corners of your home and near your door. After you have placed salt near the corners of your home you can light some incense and say a chant or prayer that will help cleanse your home. Many practionors use objects or bells to ring out the negative energy. Many people also use blessed water and sprinkle it around a home to keep all negative spirits or energy out.

I hopes this helps everyone.

Blessed Be

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Re: Cleansing a House
Post # 2

Thank you for this information, very helpful.

I do burn sage from time to time when I take negative energy away. I have a cat and I will make sure she is out of the house when I use the sage.

Thank you ,


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Re: Cleansing a House
Post # 3

Yeah i am not sure if it is toxic to animals or not but ask around, just to make sure.

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Re: Cleansing a House
Post # 4
I like smudging at the end of the year to take away negative energy. However, I have animals as well, so I ought to try your technique out.
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Re: Cleansing a House
By: / Beginner
Post # 5
I just create consecrated water and start putting it around all the corners of the room and chant while I'm doing this. Then, I start around all the corners of the other furniture and keep chanting. Then I start putting consecrated water wherever I think it needs it and I continue chanting. It doesn't take very long and it's really easy. I like yours User149949, I just am not allowed to burn things in my house.
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