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fourth eye?

Forums ► Misc Topics ► fourth eye?
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fourth eye?
Post # 1
I wana know how to use the fourth eye, but I dont really know where to start. And do you have to activate your 3rd eye before activating this one?

Re: fourth eye?
Post # 2

No, the third eye, has nothing to do with the fourth eye. The fourth eye, helps you control the elements.

Re: fourth eye?
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
Post # 3
Eyes do not allow you to control anything. Consider the whole purpose of the ocular organ. Certainly you may coordinate motion with vision to perform various functions. You do it every day. But the eye itself simply observes. The third eye is the observation of the spiritual. It is all of the senses and none. It is all of perception gathered into sum-total awareness. And the goal in opening the third eye is to expand awareness to all things. And through this awareness we achieve understanding. This allows us to "control" energies.

The fourth eye is another misguided attempt for new age philosophy to explain that which someone could not grasp, or to further needlessly expand upon a subject so somebody who developed understanding could fluff their own ego by appearing to provide advancement within ancient theory.

But then maybe it shows up in some ancient Hindu text, who knows.

I see no point.

In any case, manipulation of the elements has nothing to do with your eyes, or chakra-based metaphors.

Re: fourth eye?
Post # 4

AwakeTooLong, the reason you are speaking about my research like this, is because your knowledge is based on books. This research, was really dificult. I'll say only one thing. Try first before judge. If you try it you'll understand. The fourth eye, can help you control the elements, I never was in my life a guy who was pretending, because that's fluffy, right? You just don't accept things that they are beyond of your knowledge. And after all this site is to say our opinions and ideas about anything new. So, I'm telling you, to try it first, see if it's working or not, and then tell your opinion.

Re: fourth eye?
By: / Beginner
Post # 5

I decided to dig....

I found one reference to the "4th eye", which involved buying something. Could not find a reference to it anywhere else. Not even under the other name given in the advertisement.

Further more, of this single reference I found, no where did it mention a thing about controling the elements. It was pretty similar to the benefits of the brow chakra.

Re: fourth eye?
Post # 6

You cannot state something as fact as you did.

Knowledge from books can be just as/more so worthwhile than knowledge from experience.

Re: fourth eye?
Post # 7
the fourth eye is just a metaphor for some chakra in one of your hands, correct me if i was wrong, and how would you know if it is or isnt possible to manipulate the elements hmm? because unless you are a person with universal knowledge, which is highly unlikely, or you have devoted most of your life to the study of the manipulation of the elements and i will ask you a question semirelated due to your second paragraph.
have dragons existed on the physical plane?
i already know the answer but you might not

Re: fourth eye?
Post # 8
after the study of energy manipulation part put in "then you shouldnt put your limited knowledge as fact" and blessed be

Re: fourth eye?
Post # 9

Rashnux, the fourth eye, is one of my creations. If you search at wikipedia or anything else, there is not my creation. Maybe you found something else with the same name. That means nothing.

GoddessNox, about books, I'm sorry, I turned a little angry. My research was really dificult, and some of you are calling it fluffy. This site is to tell others a person's experience. You cannot turn the experience into nothing.

Re: fourth eye?
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
Post # 10
Windyone, fortunately for the sake of this argument, my basis was rooted as much within my own experience as it was in text-based knowledge. I've explored the concept of awareness along side the concept of the third eye in great depth.

Starter, I did not declare the manipulation of elements impossible. Read. Comprehend. Your clever and entirely irrelevant riddles about real and/or imagined existence of dragons do not fool me! (do note the dry humor here)

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