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Hello everybody.

I have to say that in the past I was very careless with magickand with everyone. I made lots of mistakes. I feel like a fool. Although, a guy in the forums was right, I needed indeed a lot of knowledge to judge things from a lot of point of views. I spent so much time the past 8 years. Reading and learning so many useful things that I had no idea about. I'm really glad that I feel more open minded than before, and it has changed my life. Although, I developed a lot of anxiety and unfortunately, lost a lot of self confidencewhich had me lose a lot of my spiritual practice, which led to depression, and the tale goes on and on...

I gotta admit, life is way harder than I thought when I was a kid and I'm trying my best to find myself. My third eye was opened and now it's closed, and I hope for good. Getting you third eye open is a very important life choice, or at least, that's what I found out. Of course, there will be people out there who believe that they have the courage to see very important things, of which I can't name to people yet. Sometimes you gotta keep things hidden from people. I still have spiritual guidance to my actions, but with more knowledge, oho! I gotta say is far more accurate. I can now tell for sure, which spirits lie, trick or guide you correctly. I was tricked for a long time, not just guiding me wrong, but a lot of people too.

I'm so glad that I decided to enter this website again, because there are just so many people who feel the same thing as I did in the past, and now with the right knowledge I'm feeling ready to help anyone who come across me and accept any help without hesitation.

I hope you, reader,to be blessed for all of your life.