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Post # 1
I just want to list a few head-hicks from this site, hopefully it will make a small difference.

1. Trolls
I want to talk about Trolls first since that is the most head-hick thing I can think of. As you may have heard before, "Don't Feed The Trolls" you're not really sure how not to do this. Let us face the facts here, when we see or hear someone giving us a hard time we like to send back the bad comments to show them their place. That is how we act and don't really think what we are really doing. First, Trolls are people that are in a tough spot in their life at the moment. If that isn't true then they have nothing to do at the moment, aka jobless. So they use their sweet time going on chats and pissing others off so they know others are not as happy as they are. What is their goal? To piss you off and hear how mad you are because of their handy work. How can you stop this? Ignoring them is the best option if none of the Mods are on or refuse to remove him from the chat room. Remember: There is no way to put them in their place with insults or anything to make them angry, that is their Goal in their life.
Another factor that you must be warn about, if you do insult them back and join with their Troll party, the Mods will banned you with the Troll. For one, they do this because they believe it will solve the problem (Just placing one person out can solve it but they want to make sure you don't start another fight with any other Troll that will be coming next).
Now how do you spot one? Simple, if someone that randomly comes into the chat and starts to say they are smarter or any insult that makes you mad. Simple to say, if anyone makes you mad don't play their game just leave them be. I know it maybe as hard to ignore them, if so just come back to the chat later on.

2. Magick is only one way.
I dislike this a lot because a lot of people on this site believe to their heart their way is the only way to do magick. I see this a lot in the Mods when they help other people with spells, symbols, terms, and history. Because they believe they are smarter than me because who knows what (I believe it is because they are higher up on the site, aka Mod) they dismiss my facts. For example, let us say someone is trying to do a circle and want tips or the know how to do a circle. There are two people in the chat room at the moment and one person explains how they do it. Well the other person says, "No that is not how your suppose to do a circle, this is how."
What is my point? Magick is a multi path. Which means there isn't just one way in magick, but many many ways it can be done in. Now if your one of those people that believe the other persons way isn't right because you don't do it that way, let them explain so you can learn a different way. Just because you find a working way for yourself doesn't mean that is the only way you can conduct magick in.

3. Magick Isn't Harry Potter.
I use the term Harry Potter not because it is full of wizards and magic, but because for some odd reason people believe Harry Potter is real magick. Like the time Harry and his friends wants to go undercover to go into the snakes house. You just cannot drink a potion to change your whole outlook, in real life it doesn't work that way. Magick isn't about casting spells, flying, being powerful, and so on. It is mostly about bettering your life, learning and understanding, feeling, and respecting life. Remember, this is a religion based site not a magic school. Our Rites (Rituals), spell casting, and circles are no different than praying in a church, drinking the blood of Christ, or going to church on every Sunday. We have our holidays just like the church does so what makes us different? In a sense, we both do Magick but in a different fashion. They pray to their God to make their life better when we pray to our Gods and Goddess to grant our wishes/wants by "casting spells." So why does so many people believe magick is like Harry Potter and movies? Because there are many misleading facts about our religion. Like whenever I hear people say witches can only be women and not men.
What can we do? Well normally I try to explain to the people that are coming into the site/religion. Tell them why it doesn't work that way and how it does work in another way. Of course I give them books, but I try to watch out for the kind of books I give them. Reasons are because some might be too far ahead, others are way off and make it sound like you have always been powerful but here is how you can control everything, and some just talk about themselves. The point I want to cross is that we should explain to them what they should expect and shouldn't expect. Don't expect to control your element with a wand. Don't expect to summon demons or Gods. Don't expect that it will come by easy and within a few days. If they leave because your shooting down their dream of being a "Wizard" or "Witch" than let it be so.

4. Role Players.
We all have seen, heard, or maybe even were one of them. To keep this from a hate debate as other posts about those little guys, I won't only throw hateful things about them. For one, they love games and to think they are somewhere else than the real world. That is all good because that is how they keep stress from building up. They have fun and enjoy their time in their world. And heck, they might really know something about magick. Other than those, they are more like a plague to us. Remember as I stated before? We are a Religion. We are not like Harry Potter where he can wave a wand, say words we cannot understand, and poof it happens. We do have our beliefs in magick (Like how I strongly believe in the Astral Plane), but these people like to talk about their beliefs whenever they get a chance. For example (I will pick on the vampires), This person uses the name "Vamp_Shadow" on this site. Already you can tell he or she believes they are a vampire. Then the first thing they may ask is how to become one, who is a vampire like them, what to do with blood because they refuse to drink it, or a simple "I am a vampire." Those are Role Players. They believe they are really something they are not and try to tell everyone to everything they can because they take joy in it.
Why it is bad for us? Well remember again those new people coming into this site? Remember that we need to explain to them what this religion is about? Now take in the new people that don't understand and the role players. It causes a mix to create either more Role Players or more Harry Potter folks.

5. How Did I Get Banned?
Not sure if they still do this but it has happened before. Someone gets banned from logging into their account and they have no clue why. When the ban gets lifted they ask the closest Mod why they get ban. What happens next? Does the Mod tell them why they get ban? Nope. In fact they don't reply and if they do than all it says is "I don't know." "Not the one that ban you." "Find out yourself." That is if your lucky they reply you. In the most case, you'll get banned again for annoying a Mod. This time the ban last longer and you get more angry. You ask again to a different Mod or to Pet himself on why you got Ban. Pet will Ban you if you send him that kind of message. In fact he won't reply unless he feels extra mean today to Ban you.
What the Heck? I am not sure why they ban the way they do and I was a Mod when the order came. I can take a guess that they are busy with spams, trolls, other things, and more that keep up their schedule. I can take another guess that they don't want to waste their time on you and just feel like they should Ban you. Either way, it is up to the Mods right?

Wrong! Mods kinda work like the CIA for this site. Their job is to clean the site and keep it clean from spam, pest, cuss words, adult view, and more. All very good things, so why do some of us hate them? At times they get stuck up thinking they are the best because they have the power and title of Mod. Is this true for all? No. But can a Mod ban you for whatever reason? Again, no. This is how their banning system works...

First they require 3 or more Mods to agree on the Ban (Given reason and proof). Once they have those Mods in agreement then you are Ban for a week. Just in case 3 or so Mods are abusing their powers, Pet created a Log Page to check on the actions of the Mods. And yes, the Mods can see the page but not us. This page shows all actions of deleting posts, moving posts, banning people, even deleting people (If not the Mod than Pet and I doubt it shows it).

Thank you for hearing me ramble on the things I think should be better on this site. If you dislike it so much on one topic than either your part of the problem or you think it isn't true. Let us see how long this stays on this site.
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Re: Head-Hicks
Post # 2
I highly agree with number 2, but it is not limited to moderators nor is it the case all of the time with everyone.
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Re: Head-Hicks
By: / Beginner
Post # 3
love this post
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Re: Head-Hicks
By: / Beginner
Post # 4
i completely agree with you. If everyone were to know these things and change even a lttle bit (because no one is perfect), this site would be perfect, but its wishful thinking.
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