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cleansing and charging

Forums ► Magic Items ► cleansing and charging
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cleansing and charging
By: / Beginner
Post # 1
i am in need of help i have some stone that need to be cleansed a guy that livesz areou me says u have to be careful to make sure u cleansing and charging the right way can some one help please i have

Apache tear
Lapis lazuli
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Re: cleansing and charging
Post # 2

focus your energy, visualize all negative energy leaving it as possitive enters

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Re: cleansing and charging
By: Moderator / Adept
Post # 3

There are a few different ways to cleanse your stones and crystals. Each of the four major elements has cleansing powers. Simply by passing the stones and gems through each element can cleanse them.

You will need a bowl of water, a bowl of earth, a flame of a white or black candle, and some burning incense (the best would be some for cleansing). Place these item on your alter or any "special to you" work surface. Starting with the earth place one stone in the dirt and roll it around, then hold it in the smoke of the burning incense, next pass the stone over the flame of the candle, and lastly place the stone in the bowl of water and roll it around.

Any combination of the elements will cleanse stones and crystals. There are also many other methods such as burying the stones in the earth for a period of time, placing them in running water, burning them in fire, etc. it really depends on whether or not you want to be able to reuse the stones.

There are also many ways to charge stones as well. Many times as you cleanse stones and crystals of negative energy there is positive energy to fill the space. If you want to charge your stones with specific energy you can do that as well. Placing them on an alter, laying them in the moon or sun light, carrying them with you, etc. The possibilities are endless.

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Re: cleansing and charging
By: / Knowledgeable
Post # 4
Don't burn your stones and crystals! The poor things, you can ruin them. The only stones that can withstand heat well is diamond and jet. Most are soft, brittle, or sensitive to such things. They can permanently be discolored or crack with such extreme heat.

If you must use flame, pass it far above the flame where even your fingers can stand the heat or hold the gemstone or crystal on the candle's base and visualize the energy of the fire passing through it.

I personally use my own energy, and for stubborn gemstones and crystals, I smudge them (pass them through incense smoke) and dunk them into blessed water. If you wrap them in cloth you can bury them for 1-3 days to cleanse. But if the dirt is wet or if it will rain before you dig it back up, its better to use a potted plant or just put dry dirt into a container with them. Opals are the hardest to take care of because they're so very sensitive to all elements.

Avoid direct sunlight unless you want their color to dull or bleach out.
Avoid salt, especially salt water because it can dull many gemstones and crystals. Clear quartz and of course diamond is the only one off the top of my head that sun or salt won't harm.

Store your stones seperately to prevent scratches. Each one has a different hardness and those that are harder can scratch the softer ones and destroy their surface.

Charging by moonlight is the best because it won't harm the stone/crystal. I do this on the full moon because the moonlight is strong and you can really see where its shining down. Since most of the stones you wrote are of an earth or water/moon association, this should fit them well. I wrap them in a dark cloth afterward to retain the charge.

Black or dark colored stones don't like sunlight or bright light in general very much! So moonlight is perfect for the little critters. You may also use chant over them or merely focus on their properties while filling them with that energy.

Their shapes matter as well. Tumbled round stones can be charged directly, but elongated ones should be charged from their base with the energy flowing to the tip. Most are obvious as to which is the base or tip.

Always remember to treat your stones and crystals with care. They can last you're entire lifetime and that of your children's. And they can serve you very well. But it's a give and take. They need to be cleaned (cleansed) and fed (charged) just as much as we use them. They are not a never ending source of energy. Only some stones and crystals are capable of taking in enough energy independently and converting it to its own energy to send back out without ever becoming drained. But even they need maintenance at times.
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Re: cleansing and charging
By: Moderator / Adept
Post # 5

Stones and crystals are one of the most resilient items when it comes to natural materials. This is why they have been used throughout history for tools, buildings, statues, countertops, jewelry, etc. If they could not withstand direct sunlight and other sources of heat they wouldn't be used for these purposes.

My personal experiences have shown me evidence of this. One example is about eight years ago I did a spell on my car to protect it and the car was already seven years old at the time. I used a piece of green jasper as part of the spell. This stone sits in the open part of the middle console of the car and has been exposed to direct sunlight through glass for hours on end, over the last eight years. The color of the stone has not changed . In fact I believe the recharging the stone receives in the sunlight is why they spell is still very much in effect. This car is now 15 years old and has never had any major issues. (Over the years we have maintained it and replaced certain items that are meant to be replaced overtime, but that is all. My husband still drives it as his main commuter car to work about 30 miles away from our home.

Another experience is the white quartz that is present in my area's soil. In my own yard the earth spits out pieces of white quartz and they lay in the sunlight for days on end until they are discovered. They tend to be warm if you pick them up as they are still in direct sunlight and have the most soothing energy.

This brings me to my next experience. My daughter brought home one day a piece of white quartz that she found on the playground. She told me it felt funny and wanted me to tell her why. I immediately thought it must have an interesting surface or texture. Nope, it was the energy of the stone that she was referring to. It seems the stones was infused with a lot of negative energy. I tried cleansing the stone a few different ways before I resorted to burning it in my fire pit and then casting into running water.

Of course cleansing a stone this way is done so that one will not to be able to reuse it. As with all magic use common sense.

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Re: cleansing and charging
By: Moderator / Adept
Post # 6

A stern reminder to all members to be cautious about those offering help in return for money or a monetary fee. It is not wise to give out personal information to those you meet over the internet. If you are are ever offered such assistance please save all emails and alert a moderator about the situation.

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Re: cleansing and charging
Post # 7
can I charge or cleanse my stones together in the same bowl of water under the full moon or do they need individual bowls of water? please respond before Wednesday. I have a bunch of stones I would like to consecrate under the full moon. thank you. much appriciated
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Re: cleansing and charging
By: / Novice
Post # 8
Like mentioned above, it depends on what kind of stones you're cleansing - certain stones cannot be put into water and/or mixed with other stones because it will cause irreversible chemical reactions that can potentially ruin your stones. Best to read up on the chemical properties of your stones before you go mixing them or water cleansing them.
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