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Name: hobbitpat
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Tea drinking, chocolate eating, book worming college kid witch. Enjoys studying tarot, reiki, crystal healing, green living, hedgecraft...eclectic, and can typically be found surrounded by some quartz and scented tea lights while zenning out in Savasana. Messages containing harassment and/or spam will be reported. Users who badger me for personal readings will be reported and blocked. Messages sent with only "hi" will most likely be ignored - I get too many one word messages that are just gateway drugs for people to demand a reading...I'm tired of it. If you'd like to have a chat, that's fine and dandy - just send me something other than one word that gives me no indication whatsoever about why you're even contacting me in the first place. Similarly, contact from users who push fluff, lack a bio, or do not follow the outlines for netiquette on this site with their posting history will be ignored. General readings are available at my discretion.