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magick POV

Forums ► Misc Topics ► magick POV

magick POV
Post # 1
why is magick always spoken and taught from a womans point of view? where are the men? not to seem sexist, but every reference to witchcraft has to do with women. it's a little frustrating that men arent recognized as significantly.

:/ i find this odd
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Re: magick POV
By: / Novice
Post # 2
I've never really thought about it, as I am not Wiccan I don't really study any of their beliefs. But I know what you mean. I don't really mind it though, but in Satanism there is little talk of he/she. It's all about spiritual knowledge male or female.
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Re: magick POV
Post # 3
I agree!
what ever article i read, in history class, witchcraft is associated with women. I find it unfair and i would like MEN to be recognised!!!!!!!!!!!!

Blessed Be!
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Re: magick POV
By: / Beginner
Post # 4
well nows your chance boys to make a reputation for yourselves in magick. But magick is traditionally seen as a women's craft, but if you're going to dig deeper into other cultures and religion you might catch glimpses of men in magick but still the craft is dominated by women..... just like how hundreds of years ago the world was seen as a man's world, women were condemned to the kitchen etc.
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Re: magick POV
Post # 5

First of all magic is not always spoken from a woman's perspective. There are many influential men that have historically made a difference in witchcraft and Wicca. For instance to name a few off the top of my head are Gerald Gardner who is considered the father or founder of modern day Wicca as a religion. Another is Alex Sanders born Orrell Alexander Carter who was originally initiated into the Gardenian branch of Wicca until later separating and starting his own coven which eventually led to a new branch of Wicca and witchcraft now know and Alexandrian Wicca or witchcraft. Raymond Buckland is also another prominent figure in the craft.

Unfortunately when it comes to the history of the burning times and the Christian history of the inquisitions, most of the history was documented by the church and has been conceived to be distorted and inaccurate. Most references to the burning times represent a majority figure of women being persecuted and then hung, burned at the stake or drowned. Although men were also persecuted and executed as well, although their figures were not accurately displayed in records and historical texts.

I do see how the history and representation of men within the history of witchcraft and Wicca is not recognized as much as it should be, but I have done enough research and within my own studies know that many men were just as important and prominent within the craft as women. Although some covens, clans, tribes, etc depending on branch or culture did focus on the female aspects as being regarded as more sacred than the male; however that is more Wiccan in nature than in Witchcraft in general. There is also the same where as some groups view the male aspect as more sacred than the female depending on branch and culture.

Anyway that is just a brief overview, so I suggest expanding your research, if you are concerned with the importance of gender recognition within the Craft and Wicca.

Blessings and Peace be with you,

~Moon aka Illy

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Re: magick POV
Post # 6
It is because (from what i heard in our history class) men wanted women to be lower than them, to make them obedient...

Please correct me if im wrong
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Re: magick POV
Post # 7

In Wicca, I know there is an equality among genders. In todays society that is mostly dominated with a patriarchal religion, most people feel that this tips the balance in favore of men and try to correct it by putting as much weight on the feminine side of divinity. Obviously, counterbalance doesn't seem the most effective way of doing that - rather, we (Wiccans) should emphasize the duality that defines our religion.

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Re: magick POV
By: / Knowledgeable
Post # 8
If I am not mistaken, men and women never practised the same way or together at all unless there was fertility magick, sex magick, or festivals until recently.

In ancient times they were seperated, and the men followed male deities while women followed female deities. I think that the women's side of magick was focused on more because women are more social naturally, and gathered together, shared with each other, taught each other etc. While men were more likely to be soloists. If you study the ancient texts, all authors are male and they all speak of solitairy practice. I would suggest reading older texts. There is quite a lot of info there, and most focus on male gods.

It also depends on what culture you're looking into. Most tribes of Australia, Africa, Islands, and the Americas had male magickal practioners. Druids were both male and female, but observers saw men doing most of the rituals and work. Native Americans had medicine women, but the male shaman was just as important as the chief himself. Priestesses were important for every goddess but priests were just as important for every god in polytheistic religions. In fact, most times, the males were deamed as more important because of male authority. Most monarchies and empires had male sorcerors/sages/priests that were not only their "wise man" / advisor but also their magickal specialist.

Now that women and men are more on an equal level socially in many parts of the world, this seperation isn't really seen as much. But from my knowledge of High Magick, men and women still have their specific "roles", men taking lead for the god, and women taking the lead for the goddess.
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Re: magick POV
Post # 9
I don't have a problem with male or female historical figures in witch craft. I think that man went there own way and woman went the other. But I reckon that more man in wicca may not have been recorded , but don't forget the history has a sexist past and I think people may have enjoyed burning female witches more. Also woman are more emotional and the history of witch killings is terrible. This is just my opinion :D
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Re: magick POV
By: / Adept
Post # 10
European-based witchcraft magic is only *one* type of magic/spirituality system. Other systems have a different demographic regarding gender. And, European-based witchcrafts and Wicca are probably one of the ONLY female-centered spirituality systems that is easily accessible to visitors and spiritual seekers.

If you feel uneasy or you "find this odd," it is probably because you live in a patriarchial society and you are probably unconsciously missing some male priviledge that you have grown accustomed to. Women are, to some degree, more used to getting the short end of the stick regarding power and privilege compared to men, so if we even recongnize our relative powerlessness, it seems less "odd" to us. We are more practiced, unfortunately.

There are few places where women have some sort of dominance, especially in religious circles. So, it's important that women keep these spaces that honor women and where women play a leading role. You, of course, are welcome to join and you may even feel quite welcomed.

Your choice is to leave and find one of the *thousands* of male-dominated spirtual and religious systems where maleness is honored and emphasized above femaleness, OR you can learn what it means to be an ally to women, perhaps spend a tiny amount of time, compared to the rest of your life, in the back seat, and do so without complaint. After all, it is an honor to worship the Divine Feminine and be tended to by powerful female priestesses of the Craft.

But please, check your male privilege at the door.
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