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Name: Terrahurts
Location: with angels in heaven
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Why hello there, I've got 10 years of experience in white magic and angelic studies which I enjoy very much. I used to mentor but I'm busy with my life now, its going brilliantly. I'm a noble person with a loving personality for nature and all its animals. I'm a bit pessimistic about people they hope to be the best they can be no matter who has to suffer. If you give me respect I'll gladly return respect to you ^i^
Now the basics:
Meditation: sit in a comfortable position, relax your whole body then inhale through your nose and exhale through your mouth, each time feel your body relax as you inhale the positive energy and exhale the negative energy. This is just a simple breathing meditation, you may want to use incense or relaxing music for you to get comfortable. Do this for about 30 minutes each day whenever you have time.
Visualisation: whilst in a meditative state, let the images come to you and just simple hold that image for as long as you can. Try to hold an image for about 2 to 3 minutes or more then let the image fade in its own time. If you like you can just hold one image and try to visualise yourself looking around at different angles.
Shielding: Imagine a white light of protection covering your whole body, this white energy is your shield also imagine all your frustration and anger outside your shield. Also make sure your well relaxed before attempting this other wise you may get frustrated in not being able to achieve this.

Centering: This is basically your breathing technique which is accomplished in your breathing meditation.
Grounding: This means being connected to nature, staying focused on bettering yourself. For example meditation, fasting even revising can be a form of grounding. Its something where you make a commitment to yourself, which then you focus and ground yourself to do.
I wish you well on your path and may your angels guide you ^i^