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Hey all, my name is Jake, but my conformed title is " Sonny son of the Empire, Mr.Shadows Prime Minister" (Bane and Polki). I joined this site because I wish to learn all that I can in the magick. Since I joined this site I have been in 3 councils. I'm pretty chilled, and don't get angry, unless you give me a reason to be. I consider myself to be a philosopher, but not under the newest terminology. The meaning of the word originally was used by alchemist and meant "Amateur of wisdom, who is taught the secret operations of Nature, and who imitates its procedures to arrive at more perfect things than those of Nature itself." I am a Spiritual Satanist and I am proud to be one, if you openly preach lies about my religion expect me to answer, and I will promise that you'll leave striped of your pride (I could argue for hours and I don't hold back). Also, as I am Satanist, I know quiet a bit about the Gods of Duat (demons), so please do not go around saying they are evil AS THEY ARE NOT!!! If you really want help with this subject I will help, but please do remember that I have a life outside of this site! So I will do what I can, but this is a very big subject. I practise many many types of magick, but I am currently working on, and am willing to teach; -Astrology (A truly amazing topic) -Dice Divination (Not to big, but is fast and easy) -Meditation (Includes opening Chakras) -Demonolgy (read this first -Mythology (Egyptian and Greek) -Astral Projection (can't teach this, but will accept any help) -Achiving GodHead (just ask if you want to know) -Angelolgy (not to good at it) -Alchemy (not herbal uses, like in movies) I can teach you many things, but please do NOT ask me stupid questions about werewolves, vampires, mermaids, any physical body changing spell and my religion. Satanist DO NOT steal children, kill or even brake the law (more than any usual person ;) ). I used to teach Shadow Magick openly, but I now only teach it to friends and to my coven. I will teach anyone about any type of divination (Geomamcy, Astrology, Dice, scrying...) and will teach almost anyone about meditation. I teach meditation as it is the one thing that will help you to achieve almost anything. But before you contact me on anything please make sure that you have a purpose. When you wish to learn about magick and you are a complete beginner I will help you along on the path that I have taken. So if you want to learn everything through the eyes of Wicca, which in my opinion isn't much compared to what is there to be learnt, please go find someone else! It doesn't actually bother me that you are losing out. If any of you own a coven, on the internet or any where in Gwynedd (Wales, UK) please contact me and I will be more than happy to join. No matter how big or small, and if your just starting out then I will be happy to give you tips and teach so that when people do join they have quiet a bit to do. Oh, and if your coven is not online and in the area I stated above please mail me on this and I will arrange something with you :). Here are some quick pointers that will stop me from blocking you: -Don't send me pointless mail, unless you are a close friend -Have a Subject so I can decide whether or not I want to read it now or later -If you wish to learn from me, do NOT use it for stupid things. I have had someone asking me about demons as slaves, this is not what I'm here for ------------------------------------------------------------ Here are some links that will be very helpful to almost anyone: For a large selection of books that are good for magickal studies I would suggest: For those who are interested in Divination: For those wishing to learn Astral Projection: For those who are looking for something I did not post a link for: ------------------------------------------------------------ (x) Drank so much you threw up (x) Have feelings for someone who doesn't have them back ( ) Been arrested ( ) Gone on a blind date (x) Skipped school ( ) Seen someone die ( ) Been to United States (x) Been to Europe ( ) Been to Africa ( ) Been to Aisia ( ) Been to Russia ( ) Been on a plane (x) Been on a Boat (x) Been lost (x) Been on the opposite side of the country ( ) Gone to Washington , DC (x) Gone to London (x) Swam in the ocean ( ) Felt like dying.... ( ) Cried yourself to sleep (x) Played cops and robbers (x) Recently colored with crayons (x) Sang karaoke badly (x) paid for a meal with only coins (x) Done something you told yourself you wouldn't (x) Made prank phone calls ( ) Laughed until some kind of beverage came out of your nose ( ) Laughed until liquid came out of the other end(laughed so much you peed) (x) Caught a snowflake on your tongue. (x) Danced in the rain (x) Written a letter to Santa Claus ( ) Been kissed under the mistletoe (x) Been kissed under the stars ( ) Watched the sun rise with someone you care about (x) Blown bubbles (x) Made a bonfire on the beach (x) Slept around a bonfire (x) Crashed a party (x) Gone roller-skating (x) Ice-skating (x) started a mosh pit (x) pulled a butch pose (x) own a knife ( ) ran away for more then a day ( ) got in a fight and lost (x) got in a fight a won ( ) go to court ( ) go to jail (x) got picked up by the cops (x) tell a cop to :go to hell, go fuck him /her self ect... (x) own a gun (x) love some one (x) hate some one (x) think some ones hates you (x) know some one hates you ( ) is gay ( ) is lez ( ) is bi (x) is straight ( ) has a fagot parent ( ) was beat by mom or dad (x) works out ( ) has a tattoo ( ) is goth ( ) is emo ( ) has ever been in boot camp ( ) ever been to juvy (x) loves life ( ) wants to die but not kill them self ( ) wants to kill them self ( ) has ever cut ( ) likes to cut ( ) loves to cut ( ) is a drama king/queen (x) doesn't care what people think ( ) cares what people think (x) has more then 1 friend (x) believes in one gf one bf relationships(no cheating!) ------------------------------------------------------------ Quotes that may help you:- "Darkness is light turned inside out"- Beelzebub "If I've learn anything in my careaer, never trust a corpse" - "I sell the dead" (but has some basic Necromancy meaning). "part of being a good caster is to know when not to cast" - [mod] kts "be grateful for what you have and what you are" - [mod] flagg "A soul's outcome in the afterlife is based upon knowledge." - Thoth