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Using Empathy to shield:
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OK. So, for those of you out there who ARE active (meaning you are aware you actively have this gift) Empaths (I don't care about the fact that everybody possesses Empathy; I'm not asking for your potential , I'm asking for those who already have it active and thriving within themselves), I'm going to teach you a little technique to shield yourself using your gift. I know it sounds a little weird but trust me; you won't be thinking that next time you sense that sudden, screeching pain from that helpless, depressed dude across the street from your house.

So, a little overview on the main purpose of this specific shielding technique:

"This shielding involves sort of 'bending' your innate ability to sense how others feel both superficially and internally to form an emotional barrier around yourself for protection against negative energies and emotions alike."


1.) I want you to feel out, sense your gift; swish it around in your mouth a bit (metaphorically speaking), get a good feel of what you KNOW you can do.

2.) See your gift in your mind's eye. See it clearly, but let it take form however it wants to take form to your mind's eye.

3.) Now take your gift in its form in all its glory and psychically wrap it around your entire body. Feel the warmth and comfort it envelopes you in for your safety and well-being.

4.) Say aloud these words:

"Drawing upon that which lies within me,

Let my Empathy protect me now and forever.

Give it strength to keep me safe and sturdy,

Let it fall pray to that which means ill intent never."

5.) Feel the presence of this protective Empathic energy anew flowing through you, as you.

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