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Designing Rituals
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Rituals are the counterpart of spells when it comes to spell craft. While spells are for a single set purpose, rituals are often times containing multiple purposes or a single more broad purpose. Spells are cast, and rituals are performed. Not only this but spells can be cast by anybody and with a hint of knowing the basics they will work, but rituals take a deeper understanding and touch base with the inner mindset, rituals are complex magic as the forces that go into them are not typically just energy.

When beginning a ritual one should prepare with certain steps. These steps differ greatly between rituals and the very first step is all from intentions. The purpose of the ritual determines the rest of the ritual, and each of the following steps helps determine what follows from then on. Rituals are on the greater side of magic, being their usage is for the deeper focus, such as ceremonial blessings. Rituals are normally containing multiple variables that partake in their quality that besides intent, include tools, symbolism, traditional acts, presentation, time/date, and astrological conditions. Of course not every ritual must cover each of what was just listed to be a generally good ritual, but a sure thing required is deep thought, and strong pre-meditation.

Building the foundation of a basic ritual begins with intent.
Decide on what the ritual will be targeting, and what the ritual is for.
Common ones are certain occasions like the 8 Sabbats, and of course group related activities like the promotion of a member in a coven.
Rituals don't have to have a specific reason for performing them, one can simply have a broad purpose like annual rites merely calling forth a blessing.


Say I wish to design a ritual for asking for a blessing from the elements.
Now the deep thought comes into play...
If you want a blessing from the elements you'll have to design a ritual corresponding with them in some way while conjuring them, or in this case calling them.


To properly design a ritual for your selected purpose you need to think about the tools, concepts, deities, elements, etc... that you'll be using or conjuring.

Re: Designing Rituals
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Basic Tools Use
In rituals, spells, rites and other witches have come to find themselves using special and even mundane items for centuries.
The use of such objects is held in mind for various reasons such as:
- Directing Energy
- Divine Offerings
- Personal/Symbolic Value
- More Energy/Power
- Fun (entertainment)

Directing Energy
Tools like the Athame* can be often be used in spells, rituals, and rites.
Directing energy is a tough issue in magic for some to grasp, and in that tools for such uses belong in witch craft.
The body's internal energy flows freely through each chakra* naturally, and involuntarily. Therefore, forcing energy in certain directions at will might be quite difficult in that coordination, strong visualization, and internal hyper sensitivity can be required. Energy manipulation can be confusing. So if a tool like a wand is added to the mix it gives a certain thin stream easily picking up energy from within the body's nearest or more active chakras making it much easier to direct while as a flat hand can make it hard to give a straight powerful enough stream.

Divine Offerings
Within rituals, rites, and some spells offerings* are noted as essential.
Of divine* entities, personal deities are most witnessed, therefore ritual and prayer are most popular with offerings.
There are various forms of offering, as well as ritual, both of which spiritual or divine entities come into play.
You have the typical elemental offering, like a cup of water, or pile of dirt, usually blessed by hand or perhaps by tool, like with the pentagal*.
One may also see a food or sustenance type offering of such things as wine, which can be poured into a chalice*.
Then there are other forms of offering, like that of the sacrificial*-- usually given by symbolism, therefore matched with a tool used in its symbolic meaning.
Rituals are of anything that differ from orderly habit, to spiritual praise/evoking*.

Personal/Symbolic Value
As humans we tend to keep things due to their sentimental value. A heart necklace given by one's now passed on grandmother, is a good example.
Well as witches, we will tend to use such things in rites or other form of spells for that very reason...
As well as their symbolic meaning.
This includes stone magic and herbal magic with the countless magic properties*.
Some spells may include some within the materials that is very broad, or vague-- like the common ''or anything that means this to you''. The reason being, spells are cast in hopes of something being changed or coming true. While there is will, there needs to be belief and understanding to have a spell work. Understand what the chosen item is and is used for, and believe in it due to its set property or value to one's own character.
That heart necklace would be great for a revival or relaxation spell if you remember you grandmother being that kind of person to make everyone in a room just relax; OR, in a relationship spell, as the heart is often associated with love and/or friendship.

More Energy/Power
This is how it sounds...
Some tools and items will be used for the very reason of giving extra energy/power.
Stones are commonly used for charging and storage of excess energy that may be useful in spells, and rituals.
Other items naturally gather energy, like wands being literal antenna to internal energy, held in the hand for close, easy exposure to the body's chakra system.

Sometimes spells, rituals, and rites need to be fun. As witches it is our duty not to get too bored when performing magic ;).
Practices like dancing have been part of rituals, spells, and rites for as long as magic has been practiced. When dancing it is often seen women wearing anklets and such for the shear joy of the beauty in its nature. Adding bells to clothing is also common and is not only seen as a good way to invoke a spiritual entity but the sound is amazing when dancing around a bonfire when practicing an annual rite.
Deities of course come into thought, some deities signify or are the personification of entertainment, therefore it only makes sense to do something entertaining for one's god. For instance the musical instruments being used or even actual props being used in a play/performance to literally entertain a specific deity*.

Rituals, spells, and rites can be done using tools and other random items for some many reasons. It is the significance they have and the likeness they may have to certain things that gives us the preference of using them in our practice.

Athame- a sanctified dagger used in rituals and such for purity and offering
Chakras- stronger energy points in the body that store, emit, and regenerate internal energy
Offerings- differing things that can be given in respect to specific entities and their desires/significance
Divine- of a higher power, spiritually significant
Pentagal- a more talisman sort, form of pentagram
Chalice- a ceremonial cup
Sacrificial- having to do with giving up something of strong importance or spiritual symbolic meaning (being or having been sacrifice)
Evoking- ritualistic request of attention or acknowledgment
Properties- symbolic meaning, what it is made of
Deity- an acknowledged god/goddess or spiritual entity (personally worshiped in some form)

Re: Designing Rituals
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This is very well written and helpful i've practiced strong Visualization, mediatating and intense concentration awhile back focusing on my need at the time w/ a candle as my tool very therapeutic and fascinating..and working with energies and your own personal power giving them a purpose and a direction..ive been interested in wicca since I was 13 through till i was 28 (now)im picking up where i left off and im still a beginner..outdoor rituals involving nature are quite fun scott cunninghams writings are easiest for me to learn and understand and fun too !!
Thxs for the info ..=o)
Blessed Be,

Re: Designing Rituals
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Fabulous post, Nall. I believe this will really help the newbs. :)

Re: Designing Rituals
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Can candles be used to help build or guide energy or both? They help me greatly with concentration too! Just curious so had to ask.

Re: Designing Rituals
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Candles are good for both of those actually. :)

Most tools are very versatile.

Re: Designing Rituals
By: / Knowledgeable
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I missed this post when you made it. Good stuff.

I would add that most of what comes of a tool is defined by what you feel about it. That is, if a particular tool feels like it meets the purpose you wish to put it for you can likely use it for that without a hitch.

The rare exception is when an item possesses an energy unto itself. But then, typically, you will have a sense of that energy as well. If not, you should perhaps reconsider your how ready you are to practice ritual magic.

Re: Designing Rituals
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So spells and rituals are two different things. And rituals are for new coven members?

Re: Designing Rituals
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Yes (spells and rituals are two different things). Also, rituals have indeed been used to initiate members into covens.

Re: Designing Rituals
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Thank you.I have forgotten to enjoy my rituals for such a long .But now you have opened my eyes to it's importance.

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