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Modern Medicine *scoff*

Forums ► General Info ► Modern Medicine *scoff*

Modern Medicine *scoff*
By: / Beginner
Post # 1
I've done a couple years of studying the arts of healing (Qigong and Kundalini) and its an immeasurable gift of the body. There are so many things it can and has treated (things modern medicine can't even touch on). There have been studies on the techniques that beyond prove the incredible power of this practice, but despite these studies, modern medical professors will either ignore it of deem it as not even considerable. One of the first things learned in Kundalini Reiki is how to heal a simple headache. This method is quick and effective. Doctors will tell you to use Tylenol or an acetaminophen (a variant there of), but not only does it take a half hour to kind of damper the pain in your head, but its worse for your liver than alcohol! Oh the things healing can do, the wonders it can work! But the mass public can't have access to them because of modern medicines constantly scoffing at the idea of such a thing. It keeps the money in their pockets... *sigh*
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Re: Modern Medicine *scoff*
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
Post # 2
You should also note how few people are actually capable of energetic practice that is capable of something so minor as healing a headache.

Or of other examples of folk medicine, such as the use of comfrey, which was believed to heal but also damages the liver.

Exploring alternative, holistic options is useful but should be approached with as much skepticism and common sense as you approach modern medicine.

For example, in many cases I find Reiki practitioners charging to teach various "levels" of Reiki, as though they are progressing you through some measurable stages that you could not learn and explore on your own. This as an equal a scam, in my opinion, to a variety of pharmaceutical methods to get your money.

It's worth noting that "kundalini reiki," sounds like a bloated term for grounding and balancing. If you ground yourself out and seek balance you will often cure yourself of headaches and such.
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Re: Modern Medicine *scoff*
Post # 3
i know there are many illnesses in the body that amino acids can help with,yet you wont find them on a doctors script.
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Re: Modern Medicine *scoff*
By: / Beginner
Post # 4
Actually awake, I'm not sure what kind of experience you have but anyone is capable of healing a minor headache, and whats more, anyone is capable of healing a tumor if need be. With the proper guidance they can do so. And I honestly haven't done much in Kundalini, I'm really don't know too much about it, other than its fairly similar to Qigong.
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Re: Modern Medicine *scoff*
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
Post # 5
Ah, then why aren't they curing cancer?

You'll note that I never said anything about tumors. Only that people are rarely even capable of curing a headache.
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Re: Modern Medicine *scoff*
By: / Knowledgeable
Post # 6
The power of the mind is an amazing thing. Some psychologist believe that all illness and injury can be cured through the mind. They just haven't found a consistent way to bring results everytime because skepticism and negative thinking will make it ineffective.

Placebo is a perfect example of how psychologist test this and accept it. The problem is, not everyone has faith in medicine, so it doesn't always work.

You should study psychology. Medical science may not give credit to such things, but psychology does. A person can will themselves well. This is why cancer treatment centers that are extremely successful not only supply people with state of the art medical treatment but also touch therapy, alternative medicine, couseling and spirituality resources based off of faith.

The hardest part of healing through the mind is the patient MUST believe. And yes, this has even cured cancer. Our bodies have the ability to heal EVERY ailment and disease in our bodies. Most scientists research how the body naturally heals in order to facilitate the same response. This is all the medicine does, besides surgery which is why doctors use it as the last resort.

I don't discredit such things as reiki and qigong. Some very good masters of the art could have a gift to heal. Healing through the hands has been in every culture for as long as we can trace them. But I believe that the patient's mindset has a lot to do with how successful the healer will be.

Herbal medicine uses the body's natural means to heal itself and stimulates what will heal and suppresses the reactions of the body that worsen the condition. Its about rebalancing the body so that it can heal on its own at its best capacity.

I do not like modern medicine. My doctor is far from conventional and I love him for it. He isn't anything more than medical doctor, but his first choice of career was psychology and he changed his mind halfway through. He also is well versed in alternative treatments and nutrition when western medicine is not necessary. When my grandmother came in with arthritis he told her glucosamine and chondrotin! He's awesome.
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Re: Modern Medicine *scoff*
By: / Beginner
Post # 7
Awake, first of all Qigong therapy has cured cancer a number of documented times. How often does modern medicine manange to cure cancer without halfway killing their patients?
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Re: Modern Medicine *scoff*
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
Post # 8
Well, got me there. I've not seen these documented circumstances. I'm a bit disappointed in its lack of widespread use then.
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Re: Modern Medicine *scoff*
By: / Adept
Post # 9
This thread mentions the Taoist art of qigong and its potential to heal. In Taoism we aim stay away from black versus white, good versus bad, and instead consider the Oneness. In the presence of this conversation of Western medicine versus Complementary medicine, i am reminded that neither one is good nor bad. They both just are, and we are blessed to have them both.

As an acupuncturist, i would never attempt to set broken bones, perform an organ transplant, treat a life-threatening infection and the like. In that regard, Western doctors can't be expected to treat the Spirit nor to be terribly concerned with wellness practices. You have to consider the scope of practice of each medical provider. I, for one, consider it a blessing to be able to use them together.

It would be medical malpractice for me to encourage my patients to not seek Western intervention if they had been given the label of cancer. I would lose my license if i told them to try to treat it themselves with qigong practices, herbs, and acupuncture, that chemo will only do more harm. Chemotherapy and Western intervention has saved the lives of millions of people. Of course traditional healing modalities have done the same - they've been around for much longer - and the same miracle stories exist too.

By saying Western medicine is horrible and ineffective you are basically having the same good versus evil conversation as the person on the other side sneering how ridiculous Complemntary medicine is - they're both sides of the same coin.
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Re: Modern Medicine *scoff*
By: / Knowledgeable
Post # 10
LdyGry is a wise woman! I totally agree. There are times when modern medicine is necessary and the best choice. Its good to have an understanding of the benefits of every kind of healing and medicine. People who limit themselves to just one area is when things go wrong. One must always treat the mind, body and spirit in any illness. And any treatment should be coupled with complimentary nutrition and life style to repair our bodies or just plainly maintain wellness. Anxiety, depression, and stress causes and provokes illness and is a huge factor in many cases. So a healthy mind is imperative to a healthy body too.
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