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Mother Earth

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Mother Earth
Post # 1
As most of us learn life is a cycle birth, death, rebirth. Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter. So many things we see is in a cycle. So I question you and myself. Have we broken a Cycle? Our buildings that take force of nature greenery and turns to rock of cement and bricks.

So many thing have come up about Mother Earth's odd happenings. The weather? More of the predator animal's becoming more viscious and are more likely to attack human? Some of the animals know to be herbivore are now omnivore's. I love the earth and I hate to see what will come from us breaking the chain of her cycle. She will let her self be known in many ways and many sign's. This is my opinion this has nothing to do with 2012.

This all deals with what we are doing as Humans. We are over populated and more and more I see that when an attack happens like Japan's weather issue destroying issue's. And lost. Still we seem to look onward as though nothing has happen it is May and it still get's in the fifties where I am at and when it should be getting in 90's and lowest should be high 70's. This is a fact.

Has anyone else notice what is going on?

Have you seen anything different of her energies?

Have you notice that sometimes their is no calm before the storm?

Have you wonder why their is some much going on?

Wonder why people have ignore this so long?

Why does she decide to strike back now?

How long do you believe we have abused our right of growth?

i ask these questions and hope for your view.s

I love nature. And I have become more connected with her. I feel blessed that I am alive and no immediate threats have happen but I ask you.... What is to happen next?
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Re: Mother Earth
Post # 2
Let's not forget that we ARE nature :)
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Re: Mother Earth
Post # 3
But alot of us try to forget our root's.
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Re: Mother Earth
By: Moderator / Adept
Post # 4
Everything in the natural world is constantly changing. Has done for millions of years. New species develop, many others become extinct. Humans do have an impact on nature, but not so bad as it sometimes appears! There are animals that were once believed to be herbivores which are then discovered to be omnivores; but no true herbivore could suddenly started killing and eating other animals.
There have always been earthquakes,volcanoes; far more of them, and far more active, in the past! It is true that some animals are seen more and more in urban areas,mainly because their habitat has been destroyed. (Yes, by humans!) But the animals are no more vicious than they ever were. There is no more vicious animal than the human!
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Re: Mother Earth
Post # 5
On Brysing's highlighting that geological disasters have always occured, I think it is worth pointing out that awareness of global activity has recently increased due to advanced media techniques. It is highly possible that the activities in Japan may never have come to our attention were it not for these techniques. Because of these, it only 'appears' that more is happening, when really our planet is continuing just as it always has. Yes, man has had an impact on the planet. However, I see this as little different to the impact of a virus. The planet will survive, whether or not humanity does, is a different matter. Either way, it is nothing that is not natural.
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Re: Mother Earth
By: / Beginner
Post # 6
humans are actaully herbivores. our bodies are designed that way. omnivores or carnivores have sharp teeth, we do not. they have claws, we do not. our digestive system is related to a herbivore's digestive system. not a omnivore or carnivores. thats why we have too cook our food. natural omnivores or carnivores do not need to cook their meat.
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Re: Mother Earth
Post # 7
Every race in the galaxy has done the same thing to their planet as we are to ours! It's the way of life. If the human race wishes to survive, we need to perfect space travel in order to find another inhabitable planet so we may continue the human race. That is the true legacy of the universe! Human's will learn in time what they are doing to each planet they live on. They will learn and they we correct many mistakes we have made in the past. If we don't wise up, the human race may no longer be alive...
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Re: Mother Earth
Post # 8
ive noticed for awhile
what do we do?
what is knowledge without action
you brought this to our attention
for what?
so we can dwell in dispare
our planet
along with every worthy thing on it
is dying
at our hands
Should do
...jus sayin
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Re: Mother Earth
By: Moderator / Adept
Post # 9
Sorry,239, but we did not always cook our meat; any more than we cooked vegetables or cereals. We simply found, over time, that cooked food was easier to digest, and tasted better. People still eat uncooked meat (Steak Tartare?). My mother often ate raw liver; because she liked it better raw. Many diners will order "blue steak"; raw in other words,or as near raw as makes no difference. And by the way, our teeth are very sharp!
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Re: Mother Earth
By: / Beginner
Post # 10
Thanks Brysing, saved me from having to point out our canine teeth.

One comment on overpopulation. Humans as a species are growing. We have been for quite some time. The scientific truth of the matter is that a living species is either growing, or it is dying. There is no such thing as a stable population of a certain number. Yes we have done much to our environment to change it, that is one of the reasons we as a species have been as successful as we are.

Keep in mind if you are the sort who thinks that the earth would be better off with less people, you are advocating the death of people you care about. Say you think that there should be 2 billion rather than 7 billion (for an example). That means that you think that only 2 out of 7 of your friends and family should live. Can you make the choice of who has the right to live? Would you like it if it was random? Remember, you are included in that 2 out of 7. That isn't very good odds.

The best thing we as a species can do for the environment and ourselves is try to find ways to minimize the damage we do. Keep in mind also that we are not the only animals or plants that are damaging to the environment we live in. A lot of people assume all the "damage" to the earth is our fault. A lot of it isn't. Life is brutal. Living creatures will do anything up to and including damaging their environment to survive. It's a fact of life that if a species isn't willing to do that, it dies.

Some people do care for the environment. There are many scientists working on cleaner more efficient ways to live the way we like to live. Many people recycle (myself included). Better to spend your time looking into how you can help the problem than talking about how we're overpopulated and things are changing. Things will always change. It's up to you and those around you to make sure you try to change them for the better.
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