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Forums ► General Info ► Necromancy

By: / Novice
Post # 1
I can't find much helpful information on the subject that isn't being covered by nonsensical roleplayers.
So I'm asking for some assistance on basic necromancy, and a tutor? Mayhaps?
Also perhaps a necromancy info thread for people wanting to learn.
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Re: Necromancy
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
Post # 2
I haven't explored it in great detail, but necromancy is, at its root, the summoning of the dead. The practice is often expanded to use "death" magic, which is generally conceived of the power to "end" stages of life or other such cycles to bring about the next stage or cycle. There is more to it than this, but... like I said, my understanding is somewhat limited.
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Re: Necromancy
Post # 3
I can advise 2 book of it, greek and roman necromacy (which I still can't read for some strange reason) and forrbiden rites. Greek and roman necromancy I got through a file download which ill post kater.

With love and light
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Re: Necromancy
By: / Novice
Post # 4

I'm learning about necromancy too.Not sure i can help much at the moment however. I'll get back if and when i learn more. But i have a warning for anyone who reads this thread and thinks "Hey, this sounds interesting, ill try it". If you google you will come up with a book called the "Necronomicon". This book is really just entertainment material, it isn't really a book of effective necromancy.

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Re: Necromancy
Post # 5
the links valid.
ya its sapose to be entertainign its the mad arab
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Re: Necromancy
By: / Novice
Post # 6
In necromancy you must first learn to control emotions then it will lead onto being able to "resurrect" the dead. Bit this is a nasty job, as it places a spirit from the astral plane into the body. This may be anything, it could kill you or worse. I would suggest learning powerful protection magick first :)

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Re: Necromancy
Post # 7
There is a limited amount of info on the internet regarding this issue..especially in the English-speaking communuties.

Necromancy is the use of spirits of the dead.
There are different rituals but none of them are discussed on this board. There are rules that you need to follow when you work on the cemetry.
Maybe we should create a new thread and discuss rituals in necromancy.
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Re: Necromancy
Post # 8
I don't think that many of us, actully know the full rituals for it.
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Re: Necromancy
Post # 9
From my experiance, I would not say that necromancy is what has been mentioned here.

A popular idea of necromancy is that it is either Just summoning spirits (usually for divinatory reasons) or creating Undead monstrosities under ones command in one way or another.

I would like to express that both ideas are false.

Like other forms of magic, necromancy is Not simply one sided.
There are many ways to practice such magic, and it doesn't Have to be limited to one specific method and result.

There are forms of necromancy that: study the nature of the soul, lay and remove curses (not specificly killing in nature, though withering and diseases are closer to common), cause change, create serviators of death energy, speak with the dead (not necessarily Only for divination), cast spells with death essence, astral projection into areas that have concentrations of either death entities or spirits of the dead, mastering ones emotional states and helping others with the grief of losing loved ones, communing with death related entities, and making talisman/fetish/totems of death energy.

Those are things I would consider Necromancy, not grave defilement, ressurection, or indescriminate killing through magic.

The necronomicon was mentioned, and while I have heard of people using variants of its teachings to achieve their own pathworkings I wouldn't say that it is specificly necromancy in itself.

Necromancy is one of the paths of magic that you do have to sacrifice to study, as comming closer to death can and will effect ones appearance and prehaps overall health. Mediums who channel too much too often can take in some of the energies of the dead and become ill, this effect is much more concentrated in the body/spirit of a person whom specificly seeks out deaths energy.


^ is a website created by a man named Tomekeeper, outlining points of his variant of necromancy (Direct magic, ie a lack of rituals) and also presents his point of view on older necromantic tomes and grimoires, which he cites his research on and reasons for critiquing.
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Re: Necromancy
Post # 10
Necromancy is a very nasty business in my opinion. It takes a lot of energy to summon a spirit let alone resurrecting somebody from the dead. That's why in most cases when you hear necromancy you learn that more than one person is involved in the ritual. Of course in my belief necromancy is a "disturbance" in the balance between nature and the universe. It counteracts the very being of life. Going against the forces of nature is very risky. As a status of a white wizard my responsibility is to uphold the very balance of nature. Protect it at all costs. Raising the dead is not natural nor pure. That's why it's linked with dark magic. Magic that shouldn't be use. Knowing one thing: it will cost!
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