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Name: Dolli
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I'm glad your doing well these days, I'm doing well too. Probably even better then you are. Drop me a message if your in need of a mentor. I'll do readings now too, glub glub. On a personal note. My name is Dolly Jay. I adore kinesis, astral projection, manipulation, potions and herbal medicine. If you need any assistance, mail me~ I need details on dreams, if your willing to tell me about your dreams, please do not hesitate to drop me a mail. I've been practicing for six years, joined the site back in 07 under a different name. I've never been good at healing spells, but I am fairly good at herbal poultices. Energy manipulation and dreams are the centerpiece of what I do. I've never depended on meditation, any sort of searching has been done through dreams. I've recently gained an interest in necromancy, and have always enjoyed hexes and bindings. 'curses' aswell, if you will. I have a vast interest in combining chemistry and magick, alchemy. I believe in gods, but worship none. I don't believe in Karma or the rede, and dislike being called wiccan. I love reading stories centered around the astral or the etheric. Root: under-active (6%) Sacral: open (69%) Navel: over-active (75%) Heart: open (62%) Throat: open (56%) Third Eye: over-active (88%) Crown: open (31%)