problems with relatives!

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problems with relatives!
Post # 1
long story cut short is my boyfriend and children have been living in a house owned by a his mother. she offered the house when we lost our apartment and refused any rent. she has promised to give us the house numerous times and in front of my family, but now is demanding that she move in with us. first the house is not big enough for 5 people, second neither i nor my boyfriend can be in the same room with her more than a couple of hours before a fight starts. we suspect she has called DSS on us. she is a manipulative, paranoid woman. what can i do to make her stay away?
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Re: problems with relatives!
By: / Novice
Post # 2

Be patient, caring and understanding. Afterall, she is the mother of your boyfriend. Also, be grateful. You, your children and your boyfriendhave a roof over your head. She didnt have to let you live in her house but im sure for the sake of the children and her son, you were also included in moving in. If she called child protective service, maybe she saw something wrong on how your childrenare being raised. But buttom line is it takes two to tango. Try your best to get along with her. If you can't handle it, then remove yourselfbyrenting your own apartment or house. Im sure that she will eventually give the house to her son, when she passes. You say she is manipulative and paronoid woman. Are you sure you are not looking in the mirror and actually describing yourself? Remember the saying, it takes one to know one. Be kind and show respectto your elders because someday you will be one.

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Re: problems with relatives!
Post # 3
i started off with eminence respect for the woman until i saw how she plays members of her own family against one another. i have seen how she lies to her son about things that she has told me.i have heard the lies that she tells him about me. i've been told by her own husband that she doesn't like me. my own father told me to keep an eye on her. there is nothing wrong with the way i take care of my children, i have seen many other parents who treat their children worse. no body is perfect. my boyfriend doesn't even want her moving in. i suggested a month or two until she smooths things over at her own house, but he is saying a firm NO, and understand why he is saying it.
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