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long post !!

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long post !!
Post # 1
coincidence, fate or destiny???

hi, so im new here, but i have an urgent urgent question!!

so i know this may come out wrong, but im married and have a daughter.. but i think i like someone else, and i have strong feelings that he might feel the same way, but hes holding back because im married and hes engaged too..

i didnt know whether this is fate or coincidence, but i wanted a sign to see if me and him were meant "to be" i suppose, and i saw him that night, we didnt talk (we have a bit of history).. since we didnt talk i didnt take that into consideration, second time i asked for a sign, i see him try to add me of fb, then he cancelled the request.. then i asked my djinn and spirit guides again for a different sign, i saw him and we talked for almost an hour it was so surreal but i knew we were at that place and time for a specific reason, as i have known him for 6 years and only recently started to see him. (there have a been a few other times hes popped in my life randomly but im trying to keep this short)

im so going out of my brains, i think i really like him and i think its mutual but i need to know for sure.. i was going to do some kind of truth spell but i dont want to "force" it u know.. i understand the laws of peoples free will and how bad it would be for me if i interact..

should i just see what happens, or just have this in the back of my head forever until i see him again.. btw before people bite my head off because im "married" hes very possessive, argumentative and abusive.. i suppose we only stayed together for my daughter and at moments we have 'good times' but i just feel soo let down on my behalf that i just dont feel complete!!

OMG this is a long post im heaps sorry, i usually do my own "spells" and requests through meditation but i needed peoples opinions on this!!!
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Re: long post !!
Post # 2
So....you're willing to step out on your husband, ruin this guys engagement and lord knows whatever else all because he may "like" you? Seriously?
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Re: long post !!
Post # 3
thats why i need peoples advice on this.. i have no idea what to do in this situation as i am very intuitive so i follow my coinscience and what my spirit guide helps me with, i dont "plan" to ruin anything i just need some advice on what to do or say the next time i see this guy, in which i know i will as i have had guidance from my djinn.
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Re: long post !!
By: / Novice
Post # 4
this is a magickal site not a relationship counciling site!
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Re: long post !!
Post # 5
No marriage in the world is a bed of roses. There are good times and there are bad. The trick is to cherish the good and come to terms with the bad. And when things arent going so well, you look for respite outside. All the signs you're getting, could be real, but they could be because you want them to be the way they are. You could be attracted to this new person simply because your marriage isnt turning out to be the "wonderland" that you thought ir would be.

Before giving into an extra-marital affair, I need you to ask a couple of questions to yourself.

1. How bad is your marriage?
2. Would you consider calling off your marriage with or without the existence of this new person?
3. If you've had history with this new person, then please do a mental check on why it didn't work out in the first place.
4. What is relationship between the father and daughter?
5. If you choose to be with this new person how will you deal with your daughter

Now, I'm not an authority on love and marriage, but I do believe in something. If you're meant to be with someone then no matter what, nothing in the world will be able to stop you. But if you're not meant to be with someone, no matter how hard you try, nothing in the world, will bring you together....

Give it a deep thought. Your decision will affect three lives a part from your own.

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Re: long post !!
By: / Novice
Post # 6
This thread has been moved to Misc Topics from General Info.
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Re: long post !!
By: / Beginner
Post # 7
Well, I'm not really sure what you should do exactly. But I will throw in some advice and ideas.

For one, I think it might be a good idea to talk to the guy about your feelings and his feelings. Then, you can have all the cards on the table when you (and he) make your final decisions. I wouldn't make plans with him, yet or anything. But just make sure he knows how you feel and you know how he feels and the two of you talk about it all sensibly.

And, although I do think it's a good idea to ask yourself a bunch of questions before any major decisions since this one would effect others, I would also suggest thinking about the consequences of staying. You mentioned that your husband is possessive, argumentative and abusive. If those were normal everyday marriage problems I would answer you differently, but since they are not I'm going to say this: Those are very bad things to have to live with. Those are not marriage counseling problems, those are leaving before he gets worse and/or kills you problems. And you have a daughter. My father was abusive, too. I am/was so messed up I was not even able to complete high-school. Living with someone like that will damage her beyond what you could even imagine. Even if you don't wind up with this new guy, I would still suggest getting away from your husband.
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