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Common Mistakes in Spells

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Common Mistakes in Spells
Post # 1
Common Mistakes Made During Spell Casting

People forget to focus on what they are doing, or loose focus during the spell

People forget to cast a circle when they are beginners

Forget to raise energy

Forget to Visualize

Try to use substitution for herbs or items that can't be substituted.

Leave their tools or supplies outside of their working area and don't know how to open and reclose the circle, you need to have everything already in the circle before hand

They try to do spells that defy gravity, influence freewill etc...

When a spell doesn't work they insult the deities that were present (this is a HUGE NO NO)

They don't formulate the spell properly
( how to write your own spells - http://www.spellsofmagic.com/read_post.html?post=275190 )

Not understanding the reason behind meditation and visualization - meditation before spell casting aids in energy raising, focus and visualization. If they don't understand how to meditate then it is hard for them to go into a spell with a clear mind of what they are going to do.

Ground and Center before as well as after the spell. (this leads to either excess energy or lack of energy if not done)

Not being silent about your workings (this depletes the energy from the spell)

Don't Obsess over the spell, or cast too many towards the same goal, this too depletes and can cancel out the work.

Doing your part, adding positivity to any spell adds a little extra power to it.

The simple rule: ACT POSITIVELY TOWARD YOUR GOAL. Learn, focus, and act when appropriate.

Compiled by Lady SilverVixen and Kts
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Re: Common Mistakes in Spells
Post # 2
well said, i just have to add many people casts spells and don't even believe in themselves or in magick in general. Spells are not a fly by night thing to "test" if you don't have belief then you are lacking a fundamentals.
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Re: Common Mistakes in Spells
Post # 3
Great post Silver! I hope that many now know why many of their spells fail to work.
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Re: Common Mistakes in Spells
By: Moderator / Adept
Post # 4
One thing I find many forget is to not only magically work towards your goal but to also mundanely as well. You can not cast a spell for money or a new job without putting some effort into it in the real world. Casting magic is about aiding your life not a way to skip out on the things that have to be done. If you cast a spell you need to follow up if you have not been doing so before with the mundane aspect of working towards your goal. If you want to make your self more patient, better looking, protected, you can not just do a spell and sit back. You have to go out into the world and let the spell help you as you work towards your goal. I personally believe that the gods help those who help themselves ;)
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