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Name: pwalls23
Birthday: Jul 6 1959
Location: New York
Gender: Female
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I have been away from here for some time, so bear with me for a while.
Well, as my D.O.B. says, I am 52, a cancer, mother of two daughters, and grandmother of two.
I am learning the history, making my own Book of Shadows, interested in ancient tribal magic, herbs, crystals. I have learned meditation, grounding, and centering.
I would like to know Shaminism and magick from the Ancients.
I have been away from here for just about a year due to many personal and family related issues, but I have come back. Reading over my own profile, it's been a year exactly since I left. I can't explain what drew me here at this exact date, but something did.
I have always felt loved here, and still wish to be so. I'll admit that I have not been practicing my craft as I should be, but I would love to get back together again.