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The thing about Covens...

Forums ► Covens ► The thing about Covens...

The thing about Covens...
Post # 1
Alright, first off all I want to say that I am not attacking anyone of you when I say this, but all the covens here are fake. Unless there is a coven that groups up in real life and takes with rites, there isn't a really good point in being in one. A online coven is boring because not everyone knows each other like they should, talk to everyone or share, and sometimes just joins to be in a coven. Yes there are some good things to the covens like teaching other people this and that. But they could do that on their own or with a few books. Then after that they have to do everything on their own because the coven isn't close by to help them threw.

But anyways, you can call them covens and I'll just call them study groups.
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Re: The thing about Covens...
Post # 2
Absolutely NO reason to even bother posting that opinion!
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Re: The thing about Covens...
Post # 3
The definition of coven by Merriam-Webster is "a collection of individuals with similar interests or activities". Similar interests brought us all here. The covens also give assignments that include activites and studies depending on what coven you join and what similar interests the coven shares. So in contrast to your statement, it seems as though the covens are in fact, by definition, "real".
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Re: The thing about Covens...
Post # 4
But if the covens are what you say they are then there might only be one or so of those covens. The other so called covens are just there to let others join just like that. As I stated before, a real coven is something people join together and share knowledge by teaching it or showing it to the other members. They are like a family. Here it is more like join us and we might post some info in there...

The reason I post this is because I was looking for a coven near me, since it is hard to find one around my town just by asking I thought the internet will be in some use, which it has until I came to this site. I am not saying this site it bad, but it is missing a lot of the magickal value.
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Re: The thing about Covens...
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
Post # 5
Untold, generally speaking any "gathering" you find on the internet will be somewhat diluted from what you get in real life.

Honestly, the covens here do the best they can. Some people work hard to create an honest environment of learning, enlightenment, and so forth. Some people get together just because they're happy to meet like-minded people.

This site is interesting because an interesting diversity of people who can all provide their perspective on magic or simply connect and perhaps be enriched for finding that they aren't alone in their practice.


It is the bloody internet. Expecting people to be gathering, casting circles and performing group rituals and ceremonies is a bit over the top. These covens contain people from across the world, and the concept allows us to share knowledge without necessary telling people where we live or how to find us.

I don't know about you, but I'm rather glad every Tom, Dick who wanders in from Google can't come find information about where my next coven meeting or next spellcraft class will be.

If you don't like that, or don't find it useful, nobody is making you stay and explore. If you're looking for actual gatherings search the net for local pagan/witchcraft stores, workshops, and festivals. I'm sure you have some manner of search bar available to you. Leave the forums and use it.

There is no need to vomit forth negativity. The internet has too many options for you to be sitting at one telling them how shoddy they are.
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Re: The thing about Covens...
Post # 6
I'll think you'll find online covens can do rituals together and rites i ve been in a few now which just supply certain times and give you a ritual to perform if all your minds are on the same objective it doesn't matter where you are.
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Re: The thing about Covens...
Post # 7
I just have to flat out disagree with you all together untold. There are such things as TechnoWitches who's whole magical lives coven wise, are done online. Rituals and other meet ups can be done.

Because covens are defined as a group of individuals that come together for like interests and activities, then many of the covens on this site can be defined as "real".

If you are looking for a local group to learn from or study with, I advise looking on witchvox.com in your local area for one.

I can tell you from being a priestess on this site of the Coven of Divine Spirits, that my coven is very real. There are lessons, questions, and even articles to learn from. Several of the covens on this site do the same things. Spirit Seers, Raven's Gate, and many others all do this. A Coven isn't just for working magic, it's for actually learning the Craft.
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Re: The thing about Covens...
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
Post # 8
The funny part, Untold, is that you are saying that a coven is like a family. If nothing here is akin to a family then why are people coming together to protect what we enjoy and care about? In this case, against the dire menace of petulant whining...

If you don't enjoy it, move on. That simple. Nobody told you that the site was going to help you find a coven close to you, or people of like mind close to you. Nowhere on the site does it say such a thing. At least not that I saw. It has a large number of people yes, but that in itself promises you nothing. The people here are from across the world and generally vary in a wide array of opinions and beliefs. And so, yes, they clash. And if that is all you see in the site, well... I wish you luck in your search, because you're going to be stumbling with short sight.

Beneath all of the usual drama that occurs when some many people and they don't have to actually speak face to face, there is an interesting kinship I have observed. The people here genuinely wish each other well, and genuinely try to aid one another. Each clash that occurs is like when family members get together and discuss politics.

And yes, it is perfectly within your freedoms to comment needlessly, and negatively, upon something you choose to disdain and not be part of. But it is also perfectly within our freedoms to express how clumsy, crass, and disgraceful the effort to express your "ideas" was. What covens were you in that you formed this idea? With whom did you interact? With whom did you seek to discuss magick? Further, what varieties of magic have you not experienced here?

I have seen christian mystics, kinesis concepts, traditional high magick, discussion of kababalah, wicca, druidry, shamanism, hoodoo, santeria, satanism, Dragon magic, Indian concepts of energy and prayer, etc. etc. There are niches for Vampires (psy and otherwise), otherkin (fae, dragon, werewolf, etc. in spirit and soul), and assorted other schools. Nevermind the herblore, alchemy (to a lesser degree), and other such "sciences."The list goes on. Truthfully, the only thing I can think of that I haven't seen explicitly is Root Work, and from what I've seen those practitioners tend to be a quiet and secretive bunch. Indeed, I've even seen what is very likely simple madness allowed as "what somebody else believes."

Did you bother to look for any of this? Or were you just hoping a local coven would adopt you because you "searched" for it?
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Re: The thing about Covens...
Post # 9
Well a few of the covens I found that was near me didn't and I knew that. One did replied but he was looking for something called Rainbow something idk. I guess after a few years have passed by and I get more knowledge I'll try create my own lol.
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Re: The thing about Covens...
By: Moderator / Adept
Post # 10
I think I can speak for everyone that replied to this thread. Our hearts will not break if you leave this site. I can't stand close minded people like yourself UnTold. Just because this is online does not mean we are not close and do not share because we do. I think most of us on here in covens or not feel like family. I know I think of everyone in my coven as a family member.

I totally agree with Stone you should have kept this opinion to yourself. All you did was to upset people and by saying your not attacking anyone? That's exactly what you did you attacked everyone on here that is in a coven.
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