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Ghosts real?

Forums ► General Info ► Ghosts real?

Ghosts real?
Post # 1
I have had to deal with ghosts all my life but I still question my own sanity. I have met the ones that don't know you are there and the ones that like to interact, but its the ones that turn up to where I live after I have been there for a while that make me wounder if I am not just well mad. Like where I live now.. I had been here a few months before the one that is here now came along. I had been on another forum before and asked this question and they just told me all ghosts are imprints of the past but that doesn't seem right at all, I mean how can that be when they talk to you and answer your questions. Needless to say I left that forum when they started shouting at me insisting that they are right and whining like babys.
Anyways... sorrys getting off track (~^-^~) let me know what ya think.. thanks
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Re: Ghosts real?
Post # 2
I think you are perfectly sane. The fact you still question your sanity is a good sign, as for what is happening, it's normal.
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Re: Ghosts real?
Post # 3
Thanks. its always good to hear that I haven't lost all my marbles yet XD
But do they normally just find people? I have always felt that nomatter how much I move home in my life that something will always find me.
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Re: Ghosts real?
Post # 4
it's because of the high vibrations we give off (those who can interact or sense them) that we are like homing beacons. They are just naturally drawn to us whether we like it or not. so yea, they will find you wherever you go because they are naturally drawn to you.
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Re: Ghosts real?
Post # 5
Ah I see... Well I don't think I will ever be used to them but its more un that way. Plus it's kindda feels lonely when non have been around for a while
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Re: Ghosts real?
Post # 6

Most people know shite , so pleas don't worry.

People generally don't question much unless the sky is falling on them and it surprises me on a daily basis the lack of questioning.

Smart people ask questions as it is the path to understanding and knowledge, we can't know everything but we can at least ask.

I still question my own sanity, me too.

I work in an operating theatre and to some degree i am on the outer with some the people i work with, just me nerdy-emo-always thinking type, i don't get told everything that goes on.
I often work when people are gone and when they leave they worry for me being alone, no explanation, but the inferences are that there are spirits but no one will say.
I don't ask.
Amusingly the place is so peaceful when i am alone there ,there is no feeling of emptiness or fear.
Before i leave i always say a little parting good-bye.

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Re: Ghosts real?
By: / Novice
Post # 7
I prefer to call them spirits rather than ghost. I know how you feel. Here's a couple of my experienced...
1989, my exhusband's bestfriend, Willie passed away, we were at his home helping out. I was about to wash the dishes when the faucet turned on and off by itself. (you have to raise the handle of the faucet to be able to turn it off or on). In the past, whenever I came to visit their home, Willie never like it when I wash the dishes. That evening, I can hear him calling my name and felt that he was at the front door asking me to let him in. I wasnt asleep. I closed my eyes and said to Willie to leave because he is scaring me. Then I could no longer hear or feel that he was at the front door.
January 2008, we moved in our new apartment. My grandson came out of his room screaming telling me that someone is in his room. I came running and saw the blind moving. All of the sudden I felt my hair standing all over my body and felt very cold. The next few days, it seems like someone is in our apartment besides us. The following week we found out that the old lady that reside underneath us passed away on the day that my grandson said there was someone in his room. So, when we got home, I spoke and asked whoever is in our home to please leave. My grandson tells me that he see dogs and cats and people spinning around the ceiling above him. He also see water on the floor and he speaks about a home burning and a little boy trying to find his mommy. Everytime I spoke and asked whoever it is to leave our home. It stop for a day or two then it starts all over again. I would sense or feel that someone is in our home and at the same time my grandson would tell me that he see something or someone or a monster. One time, my grandson told me that he see a police man in his room. I spoke aloud and said leave our home. The next day, I found a botton from a shirt by our sliding door that indicated that it belong to a police officer because it said, metro police. We were watching the news that morning and found out that a police officer died in a motor vehicle accident last night. My husband thought I was making it up and my grandson was making it up but he saw the news and saw the botton. I even went as far as calling a priest. He never showed up. So whenever my grandson see something, we say a prayer or I would speak and say don't scare or let my grandson see and only if their intention is good that they are welcome.
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Re: Ghosts real?
Post # 8
let me explain something that i have already explained.

There are 2 types of ghosts.
Lost and fallen.

The lost ones are people that died and missed their window to cross to the council of elders(will explain about that if u wish), and have stayed trapped in this world, they usualy wander around and dont cause any trouble. There are more reasons and hows and whys they could have stayed.

Fallen ghosts are the ones that do not belong here, and they are frustrated about it, usually agressive, causing trouble and fear to people.

Now both of these types can be sent "into the light" or through the window to the council of elders where they will choose their next life and reincarnate, by people that have the ability to do so (all people can learn it, it just takes a matter of time, practice and guidance)

Yes haikuna u are sane, everything u see, hear, or feel is reality even if other people cant hear it. Its just that they have neglected their senses and abilities from day one, while u still have a part of them atleast.

U will find that the people on this forum (if u stay that long), have no clue about the reality of their existence, and for that matter real magic, i have seen very few real magic on this forum. Most people here think they do magic by saying some words and having intentions, but thats a natural process due to the law of atraction, the difference is people here are conscious about it and the rest of the "non-magic" world isnt.
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Re: Ghosts real?
Post # 9
The people here are so lovely (~^-^~) thank you.
Normally the fear stops me from talking.. the first time I managed to speak when getting spoken to was a few months ago when the spirit/ghost here talked to me at night... he said 'Hi' I told him to 'Go away' needless to say he just simply said 'No' and well he comes and goes as he likes and just stands in the corner watching me ¬_¬ sometimes its a bit intents and so i will tell him. But all in all he aint doing any harm.
I would list everything i have ever seen but that would take so long and i most likely still wouldnt remember everyhing.. i mean the first thing that i can remember happened when i was 3.
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Re: Ghosts real?
Post # 10


sounds like your companion means no harm.
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