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Are you Cursed?

Forums ► Misc Topics ► Are you Cursed?

Are you Cursed?
Post # 1
How do you tell if your really cursed by someone else or if it is just in your head...

First I'll explain what a curse is...
It is a spell that will mainly need the persons DNA, Picture, Name, and you might need to know where they live. (Not saying this to help you curse, but to help you have a better understanding of a curse.) Without any of those, the person has no power to curse you. There are some curses where you just look at them, evil eye (I seen it done before, it isn't pretty...) for example, is a curse if you master it all you need to do is look into the persons face. Even that, it is useless on the net because they need to look at you when your doing it.

If somehow they have found a way to curse you, you just need to follow some of those steps...

Laugh in their face. It makes them worry and the curse they cast will die on it's own. The person is linking themselves to the curse with later on will link to you, destroy the sender and the middle man is useless.

Learn what spell they are doing. This will help greatly! There are lots of spells that are anti-curse (name of curse).

You can have shields over you at the time before they cast it. If you can't laugh at them or have anyway to know what they have done, you can always be ready for it.

All of those you can do, but never try to curse back. It will just lead you to more chaos. If you have no idea how to cast a curse then it will must likely backfire and harm you more.
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Re: Are you Cursed?
Post # 2
This thread has been moved to Misc Topics from Comments.
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Re: Are you Cursed?
Post # 3
I understand you're trying to help people who get a pain in their arm and assume they're cursed...but some of your information is off.

You don't "need" any of those things to curse someone. It's not a requirement...helpful, but not at all required.

What you need is a persons energy or being able to idenitfy them in some way that means something to YOU. So cursing someone over the net is, infact, possible.

I don't think many of the people who claim to be cursing people left and right are actually doing it..but lets make sure the info given is correct. What you mentioned is one way of doing it. There are many many other ways that involve nothing from the target.

Futhermore, your comment to "never try to curse back"...is nothing but a personal preference, not a magickal law.
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Re: Are you Cursed?
Post # 4
Those are helpful because those carries your energy, most of the curse I find in books will say you need... Picture, finger nails, where they live (So the curse item can easily find you), their name, and so on. Normally they will ask for the stuff I said you need. I even explain that some curse don't need them with the evil eye curse.

To get someone's energy on the net will be hard if they keep everything to themselves, it can be done if they show their picture (some curses do need your picture so it will be easier to find a good curse) or their real name. If you have no way to be linked on the net then you are safe because I don't think there is a good skilled person that can curse you just by going to your profile.

If you think your cursed because your arm is hurting, then you are dumb. I thought you guys will be smarter then that knowing that it is just muscle pain.

I say never try to curse back because if they find out then the person may try to curse you again or get help to curse you as well. I don't think just because it isn't in the magickal law, that it isn't imported or it doesn't matter if you do it or not.
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Re: Are you Cursed?
Post # 5
Well, most seasoned practitoners don't use a book other than their own- so again I say personal items are not necessary for any curse, though can be helpful.

Gaining access to someones energy over the net is not difficult. Every shield has a hole, and a picture is not required.

If I, for example ( purely for example ), wanted to curse you I don't need your name or picture. I have your screen name, which is now a symbol to me to represent you. That's all that's needed, and sometimes you don't even need that in cases of retaliation on an unknown person.

Now your advice for anyone who has been cursed, imo, is junk.
You honestly think that laughing at someone is going to help a curse? 1. It will tick them off and make them re-do it, at best. 2. You're still cursed.

Knowing what spell they did only works for those who are incapable of writing their own curse or use popular ones as opposed to old ones or ones borrowed from friends. If I put a curse on someone, you won't find it on the net. I can promise that. So you won't find an "anti-curse" written anywhere. Now, you can reverse it or send it back with a great many techniques.

I suggest in this case, first start with a mirror facing out your window ( reflective side out ). This is said to return any energy sent to you and keep it from effecting you ( good and bad, so once you break the curse, remove the mirror ). Find a spell online to reverse a curse ( preferably write your own as your thoughts and words are stronger than the words of another youre reading ) and do it.

I find the above mention actions far more effective than "laughing" at someone. Not to mention any decent practitoner isn't going to go up to you and say "how's that curse treating you".
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Re: Are you Cursed?
Post # 6
You are being paranoid.
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Re: Are you Cursed?
Post # 7
Not to be rude, Nevermore27, but your being a jerk. If you think that am not telling the truth or everything I said is junk about curses then why not try to curse me with just my username. The name I am using is very new and is not linked to me and my energy. All because it isn't my real name and magickal name.

Have you ever heard of your feelings effecting a spell? Am sure you haven't... But if your feeling good, at your top shape then the spell has a good chance at working. If your feeling mad or sad then the chances of it working is lowered. If they have cast that curse on you under 24 hours then you have that time to pick on them and say it isn't working because they are still linked to the spell. If they feel like the spell isn't working then their feelings are going to effect the spells outcome.

Next time try to do research and not make things up that sounds right to you.

Other then that, if any of you other members feel like this is helpful then please reply saying so. I don't want the same person to keep posting why they think it is wrong.
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Re: Are you Cursed?
Post # 8
Tad sensitive when someones disagrees with you, aren't ya?

I've been at this for longer than most people on this site have been alive. I don't speak just to ruffle feathers, I do so to educate, and I'm telling you a screen name is all that's needed.

It's called an energy trail. No matter how long you have had this name, YOU created it, write through it and it now has your energy. I have a theory that we leave energy behind like we do dna. Traces of it can be found everywhere. But that's a different topic.

I don't curse people, nor do I prove myself to anyone..so you're out of luck there. If I wanted to do something on the offense, it wouldn't be a little incantation.

You are correct about emotions and spells. I'll give you that. However, a good practitoner lets go of the spell once it's cast and doesn't need to think about it. Kind of the point of sending the spell out to the universe to work. I do not believe a person is linked to a spell for exactly 24 hours. If they are, they did something wrong and most spells would fail as within a 24 hour time frame anything can cause your emotions to change.

I think, instead of being sensitive about it, you need to learn to accept that your information is personal truth - not absolute truth.
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Re: Are you Cursed?
Post # 9
I really don't think your as smart as you say, we do leave energy behind but do time it will go away. The computer is nothing more then codes coping codes. To have that much energy to even reach to your computer and how long it will last there is a small chance.

Yup, you don't curse and have little proof besides your keyboard and what you believe is right. I rather believe in the books I have then someone I just meet. Besides am not the one that is trying to confuse the members, saying one thing that could help them and have someone say that it isn't true, non of that will work, all of that is false. Am sure the members don't know which one is right.

Curses are something to be well known about. There are different ways to cure them, cast them, and of course to be used against the caster. Just because you believe in your own little facts doesn't mean my facts are wrong. Am sure anyone will know there is more then one way to do something and learn something.
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Re: Are you Cursed?
Post # 10
There is more than one way so I don't understand why you are so hard up to act as if your way is the only way.

If you think energy tracing is impossible through a computer, well...you're entitled to your beliefs. However I have experienced it through what some call "energy touching" and is something not very difficult to do and has been done and taught on this forum site. Perhaps instead of saying it's not possible you should try it.

Books are all fine and good, but are nothing compared to experiences.

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