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Mojo Bags , Conjure bags
By: / Novice
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Ok so I wrote this article to help people get decent and authentic info on Mojo bags/ hands /Gris Gris ( African mojo bag , from those Hoodoo hands originate , and they have been a model for other similar magickal items such as witches bags or sachets ) and tp lift up the veil of confusion ( people confuse these with hex bags , sachets , medicine bags all the time , yet they are very different !!!! )

Unlike hex bags or medicine bags mojo has a specific dimensions 2x3 or 4x4 , depends on author and info source. Mojo also must be consecrated , fed etc but I explained all that later in the article so You can find differences Yourself.

The term Mojo hand originates from a slang name on South for male genitalia, which was mentioned often in Blues music song lyrics , hence the name. Phalyc symbols and representations were considered lucky among other things in African American folklore so that is one more reason for the name.

Term Hand , Mojo Hand refers to slang term for charm or talisman ( hand ) used in Hoodoo , but mainly older ones that often contained odd ingredients such as human hand bones etc . They were know to be used for both luck and crossing. Hand bones , when purchased legally are still used today.

Ok Girs Gris ( pronounced Gree Gree ) is a French word for African talismanic magickal bags , that are widely used in Hoodoo practice , particularly rich use in New Orleans conjure work .

The material is mostly flannel , but can be leather , satin or perhaps some other , but these are most traditional ones . It is said that Marie Levaeu’s gris girs were made of leather , filled with oddest curious and had power that was astonishing . People used to pay a small fortune for one of those

They are traditionally 2x3 , and made in color appropriate to Your wish , aim ( use correspondences given for candle colors ) . If You are uncertain of color use red flannel .
Place and odd number of items in it , always an odd number , more then 3 less then 13 .
Consecrate it and each week or day , or every few days anoint with oil that has similar purpose . If You are uncertain of that too , and in dilemma use Power oil .
After the consecration Mojo is brethed upon or kissed to activate it’s power.

Mojo’s should be hidden from sight , and no one but You or a person that made mojo for You may lay a finger or Your mojo in no circumstances!

Men’s usually wear them in pants pockets ( front ) while girls are keen on placing them near the heart.

So what can we place in mojo bags ( also called hands ) ?

- herbs ( check herbal correspondences )
- mineral curios , crystals , stones , soil etc
- animal parts ( curious ) here are few examples
* alligator feet , or tooth – gambling luck
* shark teeth – protection
* black cat hair – gambling luck , divorce causing , creating discord
* black dog hair – combined for same purpose with the cat’s
* crab shell powder – reversing jinxes back to caster
* black hen feather – lifting the jinx , curse , removing cross condition
* White pigeon feather - blessing , healing
And many others
- Others : powdered eggshell ( purification , jinx removing ) , saltpeter ( disarming
Enemies ) salt ( protection ) , nails ( protection , evil repellent , strength ) ,
Graveyard dirt ( protection , against evil ) , quartz ( healing , spirituality ), bones (
Human for gambling luck , black cat gamble mojo lucky hands , chicken same
And also evil eye repellent like crossbones amulet )
Then seals and talismans ( from European grimoires and magickal texts like Black
Pullet or Key of the King Solomon, Abramelins work ) , Your blood, and other

So now lets go through few examples

Lucky Dices mojo
Color green


One High John TC root
One of the following : Alligator’s foot , human finger bone or black cat hair
Five Finger grass
Calendula flowers
Lucky hand root
Piece of Lodestone

Dress with Hoyt’s cologne , Van Van oil , Shi Shi oil , Black cat oil, Fast luck oil ( If using this one mojo should be dressed more frequently ) and carry hidden as any mojo bag should be carried !

Demons at foot hand
Color red or white


Angelica Root
ST Johns Wart
Devils bit
Dill or Fennel
Small Crucifix , Blessed in church
St Michael Holy card

Dress with Holy water, or Florida water and some of the following oils
- Run Dev** run oil
- Flying De**l oil
- Fiery wall of protection
- Hot foot ol
- Van Van oil
- Holy anointing oil

Or alike

Follow me boy/girl hand
Color : Red ,


Licorice root chips
Girls rosemary , boys pine
Rose petals
High John TC
Girls Juniper , boys Dill leafs
Venus or Mars pentacle from Solomon’s key

Dress with : Art of Seduction , Follow me boy/ girl oil , I dominate my men/women oil , Love drawing oil , Attraction oil and/or Whiskey

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Re: Mojo Bags , Conjure bags
Post # 2
Thank you for sharing this, ppl have alot of confusion about mojo and gris gris bags on this site. Among other things. Very informational, good read.
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Re: Mojo Bags , Conjure bags
By: / Beginner
Post # 3
Thank you for posting this.
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Re: Mojo Bags , Conjure bags
By: Moderator / Adept
Post # 4
This thread has been moved to Vodou from General Info.
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Re: Mojo Bags , Conjure bags
Post # 5
All very accurate information, except for two points I'm not sure about.

I've never heard of mojo bags having to be a certain size, though of course this could be my own ignorance or a regional variation.

Also, the origin of the word 'mojo' is quite disputed, but most agree that it goes back further than the relatively modern slang meaning a male sex organ or the act of sex.

Cathrine Yronwode of Lucky Mojo says,

"The word is thought by some to be a corruption of the English word "magic." Others state that it is related to the West African word "mojuba," meaning a prayer of praise and homage, as itis a "prayer in a bag" -- a spell you can carry. A third possible derivation is from the Bantu / Kongo word "mooyoo," the magically-charged ashes and ground up bones of an ancestor that are encased in the front of a nkisi ndoki -- a fetish-statue made in the form of a human being or animal. This connection with the bones of the dead is interesting, because historically, many mojo hands have indeed contained small bones, either of animals or of humans."
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Re: Mojo Bags , Conjure bags
Post # 6
Thats really interesting, thanks for sharing!
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Re: Mojo Bags , Conjure bags
Post # 7

Loved this!

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Re: Mojo Bags , Conjure bags
Post # 8
I think Gris Gris are related to Egregori.

Some exist outside of Humanity similar to maybe how a Virus might live outside of Humanity amongst Animals, or Plants, maybe a Virus is an Egregore. But a Gris Gris in my opinion seems to be something like someone wanting you to have your DNA Code from a Website, they put some kind of Map, or Reminder, like the Breastplate from Azazel or the Wheel of Seasons, but it could just be a favorite Bible verse and things about Angels and Demons and things. It seems like the Gris Gris is the Djed, the Palladium, Jacob’s Pillow, but for each individual. And then it connects them to the Larger Ancient World. This is something that needs to be looked into. The Mormons could be said to be good at this, a Bible passed down, especially with Family Heritage written in it, would be an example.
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Re: Mojo Bags , Conjure bags
Post # 9
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