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Thought Provoking........

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Thought Provoking........
By: / Novice
Post # 1
Spiritual Reminders of the Winter
Today at 12:16am
I was reminded by the Gods tonight on the beauty of the winter and just wanted to share my thoughts. I walked outside tonight and seen how beautiful the moon and stars were in the winter. This is something we don't get to see the full effect in the summer time. Especially in the city. I was just taking out the garbage and looked up and seen the beauty of the Goddess shining down on me. What I seen above me in the heavens just took my breath away. Not having much to give to the Mother Goddess for all that she has given me, I offered her my voice and the love from my heart. As I stood there with all the snow around me a glow I sung to the moon her praises. Even though I have seen a view like that every winter it still felt like I was seeing the moon for the first time.....like I was viewing the moon with the eyes of a child. I was standing there outside without a coat with the arms of the night wrapped around me keeping me warm.

So many times people walk through life and don't take the time to appreciate what's around us. Winter comes and people complain about the cold and want spring to come. Spring comes and people complain about all the rain and wants the summer to come. Summer comes and then it's the heat. Then Fall comes and it's the same thing as the Spring. What's with all the rain? If we would just take a second out of the hectic schedule that is forced upon us than we can see the true magic that surrounds us in everything that happens. Nature is so beautiful and a lot of us overlook it as we walk blindly through our lives. People complain about it because of a selfishness. We don't like being cold, we don't like being hot, the rain makes us feel to damp, etc, etc. This doesn't make us bad, but just makes us human. What we should work toward is being aware and in touch with what nature is. For example the heat helps our crops grow, but too much can wilt our crops and makes nights miserable to sleep in. Then the Gods or however you call the divine send the rains to quench the Earth and cool us all. The rains bring blessings. The winter is cold, sometimes bitterly cold, but the cold kills off the germs and keeps the insect population from becomming out of control. I seen the insects in Georgia and Flordia...lol...and they can keep them there. They're giant! The cold also makes the air clearer and free from a lot of pollution. The heavens are so clear and shows us the beauty of the heaven that we miss in the summer time with all the smog and pollution.

As you continue this journey through life take a moment each day to attune yourself to nature. I sometimes think as humans we put ourselves above everything else in this world, but I have news for you. We are no different or better than animals or plants or the ground itself. I have recieved a vision or a dream if you want to call it a few summers ago as I sat on my patio on a hot summers day meditating. I really never shared it with many people, but I feel now is the time to share it. I seen my spirit leave my body and it kept soaring to the heavens. I watched as my house became smaller, then my neighborhood, my city, my state, and then my country. Then I was hovering above the Earth surrounded by the heavens. Then a voice spoke to me and said " Man is miniscule in this universe and the planet. We are as equal to the biggest creation of nature to the smallest living organism on our planet. We are not above anything and we can easily disappear." Then my spirit was sent back to the body so fast that my body literally jumped at the end. Take the time my friends to look around you and enjoy the beauty of nature, of the weather, of life itself. Treat nature, animals, the earth with respect and a sacredness. Remember the food you eat to sustain your life was a sacrifice that another living being gave their life force up for yours to be sustained.

This time in our lives we see a lot of sickness, disasters, death, and talk about the end comming. We do not know when the end will come and the question is does it really matter. When we are born we walk the path that is laid before us that we have choosen to walk. As a good friend and spiritual mentor of mine, Lord Orion, said no matter if we are rich or poor or how unknown or famous we are we all end up at the same place at the end of our journey. The graveyard. I know I kind of talked about several things in this note, but the simple message is.....enjoy all that is life and treat all life with a sacredness. Don't worry about what the future holds and don't worry about what happened in the past. The past is gone and the future never comes. All we have is today. Love each other unconditionally and let your loved ones know you love them. When out in nature give thanks for the sun, the rain, the cold breeze. These are blessings! They show we are alive and they are part of a force much greater than us. Be aware of your journey in this life. We are not here just to work and pay blls. We are here for a much greater purpose. "That is not dead which can eternal lie, And with strange aeons even death may die." - H.P. Lovecraft

Love, Light, and Many Blessings To You

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Re: Thought Provoking........
By: / Adept
Post # 2
So much truth in this, Shadow, and thanks for sharing. You were certainly given a gift from Spirit, one that only happens to Seekers when we remain present and open to that still, small voice within and without.

I had a similar spiritual experience that appeared to come out of "nowhere" several years ago. I have always had a hard time describing it to people, but i came out of that holy communion a stringent vegetarian having been offered a similar view of how humans and all life are equal and connected. It was a profound one minute of clarity and understanding that changed my life. You've inspired me to maybe write about that gift at some time in the future ;-)
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