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Name: ShadoWalker
Location: Toledo, Ohio
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I've been a follower of the old ways for about twelve years now and I have studied a lot of different areas within the craft. I'm a thirty year old Cancerian male with a Virgo Rising and Libra Moon. I always live my life in a spiritual sense keeping myself open to anything the Gods of any religon or spiritual practice send my way. The way of the witch is a hard life and not meant for the faint at heart or those who are weak or easily scared. I've learned it requires sacrifice on a personal level at times and it truly tests what one is made of. I have a little tolerance for those who claim to be experts at things in the craft and have been studying for under five years. It takes years to master things in the craft and though people can be skilled at things by that time they are far from experts. I am proud of my title of Witch and Priest of the Old Ways and I guard it with all that I am. I believe that all Witches are Pagans, but not all Pagans are Witches. Just because you pick up a book on it and cast a few spells does not make one a witch. It's a way of life. A way of acting. A service to the gods and people around you. My main deities are Hecate and Hades. I'm a practioner of the Healing Arts, tarot reader, black mirror lover, animal lover, and medicinal gardner. I also work with Saint Lazarus which I have a shrine for in my home and Nino Findencio with my healings, I also pray to Santisima Muerete when the time arises. I also have a shrine set up to Marie Laveau as well. I've also studied the Light and Dark side of the craft, Hoodoo, Crossroads Magick, Shaminism, and working with the Fae. Ten years teaches one quite a bit in this path and you come across some "strange" things from time to time, but I still have a lot to learn. A witch is forever the student. The challenge is in knowing what is real and what is your imagination. Not trying to be like Charmed, Harry Potter, or The Craft movie. That's is not what the craft is. I live by the law of challenge which basically states that challenge that which you practice. If what you challenge is true and correct you will know. I question everything and challenge that which I apply to my life. I'm open for questions or if you need help with something so just feel free to messsage me. I do not do spells for people on line and I also do not read tarot cards over the internet so don't ask. If you want to contact me that is fine and I welcome everyone, but please be somewhat intelligent in your messages please. Do not send me a message that just says hi or how are you and not include anything else in the message especially if I do not know you all ready. Please DO NOT write to me in short text ways such as "ty", "that's 2much", or "whatz happenin'". We all are educated people and if you want to be a witch and talk to me then at least use some proper communication skills. Doesn't have to be perfect, but please try to just make sense and be proper. I do not want to have to get a decoder out to try to figure out what someone is saying. If you do need advice please just ask me and I'll get back with you as soon as I can. I usually check my mail everyday. If you really need help magickally then mostly I will try to guide you in doing your own working since that is more powerful then someone else doing a working who is not emotionally close to the situation. I just don't like doing spellwork for those I really don't know especially when people are asking me for help over the internet. If you are curious about joing Practical Witches please READ OUR ENTIRE PAGE CLOSELY. It states in there on what you have to do to join our group. NO PICTURE, NO BIO, and NO MESSAGE OR APLLICATION REQUEST being sent to myself or the Priestess will just get your request denied. We also have a questionaire that you must fill out also listed on our group page. After that there is a link that you also need to click on about joing our group. It will be for the application. If you just send Aelwyn or myself a message only and not the application also then we have no way of adding you to the group. Please put a little work into your bio and not send us something like I am so and so, I'm this age, and I'm a witch. Make it more than three lines. If we see that you don't put any work into your own bio then why would we believe you are going to put work into our group. We are a group about quality and if you are not active and posting within the group within sixty days you will be removed. Blessed Be and May the Spirits Guide You Always ShadoWalker, Priest of Practical Witches