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First Magick

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First Magick
By: / Knowledgeable
Post # 1

¨Starting the magical path¨
from my own experience

The reason that I write this is out of concern, and the hope that my words will fill the minds, and souls of the fresh, so that they may walk the path rightously.

I have noticed, how many people in this site, are new, declaring pagans (they call themselves pagan). I have read the threads and forums that are posted on a daily basis, and have also seen the chat conversations, incorporating myself into some, and seen the lack of knowledge that comes from the people that ask, and the people that do answer them.

The sadness fills my heart, when all here in this site, young pagans, only ask for magical advice, or in other words, spells.

Magick, is a many spledind thing. And I know many of you decided to ¨join¨ because of the thought that you can do ¨what ever you want, and change it with spells¨. You joined because magick is fun, and maybe because other people are doing it.

I hate to burst your bubble, but that is not paganism.

So I ask this question. How are you hoping to be that all powerful witch, or to even do successful spells, if you are not well imformed.
As Scott Cunningham (ohh wow, you dont know who he is do you?) sited , in order to make a successful spell, there need to be three things, the need, the emotion, and most importantly the knowledge.

But I do not write this to give you the best casting tips. No. This is for all the young, the first step to magick.

Read, Read, Study. This path, is a path that desserves the most respect. How can you young one, walk the path if :

1-You have no respect for the gods, or honor them correctly.
2-Do not know your path.
3-Do not investigate, ask and know. (Who, What, When, Where, Why, How? And so many more questions).

This path isnt just magic tricks, it is deep respect and adoration to a much deeper force.

It is not just about the spells. If you do not honor the basics you will get no where. And how my young friend do you learn the basics. By studying, reading, investigating. Like many pagan books I have read say, this path is a path of learning, if you are not willing to read, and study, this is not your path.
I do not say this to scare you, or make you see this path isnt for you. By this I wish to encourage your souls to truly respect the religion you speak of. For how can you say you are, when you know not what it is you are.

I agree, that we should not guide ourselves by one specific, book, we must read, study, learn, take what it is we see right, and understand why another is not. Books are tools, reading is a tool, that we must use for our development.
I know, that many of you do not have the possibility to buy these books, or to even go online and read without adult supervision; sad but true. For you, I do not tell you to abandom the path, it will be difficult but never impossible. Use this site, but do not listen to all that is said, so many young are giving other young wrong advice, and you all are getting trapped in a world of spells, but not really focusing on what is the essence of magick itself.

Magick is, I repeat, so much more than casting. It is in the days of the week, the months, holidays, hours, stars stones, names, and sky. It is within so many things, that arent in themselves a fancy ritual with candles; and you let so much of the richness pass you by, just focussing on spell work. How can you practice when you have no idea of such things, properties, gods, meanings.

Read but do not accept everything people tell you, many people just want to mess with your head, or simply do not know what they are talking about.

My advice for those who have the chance, look for a PROPER guide in this site. And really examine what this person says to you, be wise.

¨When we try to walk, without crawling, we will eventually fall¨

Time and patience, please crawl, I promise that the results will be a good competition winning runner. But only when you take things slowly, and respectfully.
If we say that magick is so sublime, why do you try to tear it up so ferouciously you leave pices behind? Take it softly into your hands, and feel, get to know all it components until you are fully familiarized with it.

I know many people will not read this do to its length, others will look over it and chuckle, thinking that they are too good to read this, or that my words are wrong. I do not wish to offend any body, but seriously kids, stop kidding around. This is a serious matter, and if you cannot be serious why be in it at all? This path is not a mockery, and I hate (and I know I speak for many others), when I say that, I am appalled by the lack of reverence many of you are showing.

Listen my peers, learn, and study. Remember this as a fact, you never stop learning. The real growth does not happen when you copy other peoples ideas, though they are there to help and guide, you must make your own rythm, the first magick is within ourselves, and until you truly understand what this means, you cannot say that you are a witch.

So I beg you all, to respect this path. To study, and be more prepared. For how can a soldier be a soldier, when in the time of the battle, he doesnt even know what General is? Be prepared, in knowledge, and everything else will coem latter, with practice. To know is to be so much more.

So for those who are true to the pagan heart, I am not saying that magick isnt important, I am saying that you must learn, you are not babies, and you should not be expecting people to tell you everything. There is so much more inside, the deeper meaning and essence, that you are not looking at.
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Re: First Magick
By: / Knowledgeable
Post # 2
Yes I am very aware that many people in this site are not pagans, and there are different thoughts and all, that is why I specify pagan path in the entry, and not just say the magickal path, so that other people are not offended or start clarifying the fact that there are other religions that use magick. :)

People who are in other paths can also take some useful advice from here too. Especially beginners.
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Re: First Magick
Post # 3
Not all who practice magick are pagans. I believe in several religions, but have very few beliefs that relate to Paganism. I mention this because not all who answer the questions are pagans nor are all who seek answers pagans, and that means what is right or wrong to them will not be the same as what is right or wrong for you. Different beliefs lead to different methods.

However, I agree entirely that new members who seek knowledge need to research what they would claim to be a part of before they claim to be a part of it. There are to many members claiming to be Wiccans, Pagans, Satanists, or one of a dozen other things without knowing the first steps to becoming one or the beliefs that such religions have.
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Re: First Magick
Post # 4
lol. You saw my first post within the two seconds it was there. I reposted it because I wanted to reword the end. I figured you did know that there were other religions here, but I also thought I might clarify just to be sure.
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Re: First Magick
Post # 5
Good Post!
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Re: First Magick
By: / Knowledgeable
Post # 6
Thank you for the clarification, not for me, but for the many people who will read or read, and probably missed out on what I pointed out.
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Re: First Magick
Post # 7
Your welcome. And going on with what I was saying to keep it on topic, aside from Pagan-wannabes there are other religion-wannabes as well. Taoist and Buddhist-wannabes who don't know how to meditate, Christian-wannabes who are often the hypocrites and/or extremists that make the religion look bad, and Satanist-wannabes who make that religion look bad. They tend to take the religions in the stereotypical description thinking whatever they heard about it must be true, never doing any research.

So, as I already said, I agree entirely about how they should do some research and learn about what it is they want to believe before they decide to believe it. Otherwise not only are they trapped in ignorance, but they teach others from ignorance and make the belief system as a whole look bad.
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Re: First Magick
By: / Knowledgeable
Post # 8
Yes It is sad to see other people trashing beliefs, and saying that they are followers, but in the end they dont know squat. My concern is for people who are really trying and are getting lost in this fake frenzy.
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Re: First Magick
Post # 9
Amen, Sesa, amen!

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Re: First Magick
Post # 10
Thank you for the insight. I am new in the walk and on this site. I know and respect scott Cunninghams teaching I have also red the Wiccan bible and a few more books on wicca paganism and other beliefs. The problem I find I'd that every book I read has different ideas of the practice. Such as charging and cleansing items, I have read 3 different books and got 3 different methods for the same thing. Ask 3 different people what the color of a hay field is and you will get 3 different answers.
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