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Laws - Virtues - Project

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Laws - Virtues - Project
Post # 1
~~~written by Imperator(pls feel free to commend and tell me ur opinion about this thread )~~~

hello everyone... :D hope ur all fine,well my subject as u can see is Laws -Virtues-Project of the practitioner of the Craft of Magick...it is crucial for each and everyone of us,since we all practise the Craft less,or more,to know these way too important rules... and also to try to follow them as more as we can!!!:D

*** It is very imoportant for the practitioner,to know outstandingly hiself,his powers,his potential,his flaws,his advantages;he should accept all those,and also he should try to IMPROVE hiself,not only in the society,but also in the Craft...so get to know urself as better as u can!!!

***KNOWLEDGE is a powerful tool and is the basis of wisdom...the practitioner must seek the wisdom-knowledge not only in the Craft but in general in the widest range of issues.. The wisdom is not something that will offer by one-sided knowledge, but that covers many areas and in many ways...

***KNOWLEDGE OF ART... The imperfect knowledge is a dangerous thing and is even more dangerous when it comes to magicK. The versed therefore does not rely on knowledge ever, because there will always be something we do not know. Here, the golden rule is the maxim of Socrates: "All I know is that I do not know anything." The practitioner SHOULD NEVER feel that HE/SHE knows everything about a subject, so do not ever stop learning. Realize that the answer to one question raises even more questions!!!!!!!

*** the Craft has to be practiced with Wisdom... if the Craft is practiced in a wrong way,then this fact can be really dangerous to the practitioner...So the practitioner,must always seek the wise usage and application of knowledge, and always before you do anything,ask urself whether ur acting in the RIGHT way...;-)

***Balance and Justice
The practitioner must be BALANCED and he should seek balance around him.He already knows the duality of all things, as he knows that there cant be something without its "counterweight" toO. So the initiate seeks to be neither cruel nor self-indulgent with himself and those around him, but balanced and fair.

***Thoughts,written and oral speech...the practitioner arranges his thoughts to be in total order!!!!!!.The written and spoken speech should also be in order and properly structured. The irregular thoughts betray a person who does not know what he thinks ,or what he wants ,or even THAT hes unable to control himself. The wise man speaks and writes in a way so that he shows the magnitude of his spirit and reflects the CONTENT of the peacefulness and balance,which exists in his soul... This is the purpose of the initiated ... TO TOUCH THE SPHERE OF W I S D O M!!

***Life is a Divine Gift!!!
Life is neither a curse nor a punishment,but a Gift given by God(s)...the practitioner knows very well that life can offer him the most valuable "lessons",which,even if sometimes theyr hard,this doesnt mean that theyr not divine lessons...;-)Therefore,he doesnt get miserable for his imperfect,material existence,but on the contrary ,he celebrates it by always trying to learn as much as possible from it.Here, the golden rule is the motto: "as I live, I learn!!!

***Harmony with Nature
Nature is part of us and we are part of Nature.The initiate knows that he shoud always protect Nature and that in this way,he will be also protected by Nature. It is a difficult task but not impossible;-)

Wisdom is not only to strengthen our spirit, but to respect and our bodies,too.Therefore,meditate daily, eat properly,make regular exercise and do not use any substances that poison the body. Here, the golden rule is the wise ancient greek motto: "healthy mind into a healthy body"

***Respect the Divine
Whichever might be his religious beliefs, the initiate would never show disrespect to the Divine, even if hes not consistent with any religious beliefs. Respect does not necessarily mean acceptance!!! He honors the gods anyone could believe and respectS the religions and the gods of his society.He never seeKs to make anyone fan of his own religion and he does understand that religious feeling are something very personal, and that all gods are expressions of the One. Even if you do not accept any particular states of SOME religion,u have to respect IT!. So disrespect to any religion or deity, is disrespectful to the very creative potential that U also believe in...

***Perpetuation of Knowledge
Despite the fact that he ll never try to make anyone "fan" of his beliefs, the practitioner would never refuse to teach his OWN beliefs and knowledge of any of the requests. Knowledge should not be a luxury of the few and elite, but should be taught to those who are looking for it. In the words of my grandmother (a wise woman): "if you do not tell you what I know,and if you do not tell me what u do know,how you think people will go ahead?:D:D:D:D


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Re: Laws - Virtues - Project
By: Moderator / Adept
Post # 2
I love this post! As I read it it made me feel good about myself and others. The positive energy that flows from it is amazing :)
Though I must add that to be a well rounded practitioner there is one idea I would like to add.

Daily practice of energy manipulation needs to be done. To achieve a higher level of self and wisdom you need to be connecting with the energy around you every day. Stirring the energy around you, maintaing a strong relationship to it, and understanding what it is doing will increase your desired life outcome. :)
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Re: Laws - Virtues - Project
Post # 3
Thank you so very much for this Imperator ^_^ I have stickied this so more people may see it :D
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Re: Laws - Virtues - Proj
Post # 4
guys what r u talking about? I thank u a loooot...:D uve got so much experience,and im in the clouds right now:D cuz of ur words...thanks a lot!!!!!:D
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Re: Laws - Virtues - Project
Post # 5
That was a truly fantastic post. Excellent imperator!
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Re: Laws - Virtues - Project
Post # 6
You are posting wonderful information. Keep up the good work. ;)
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Re: Laws - Virtues - Proj
Post # 7
allegra thanks a looooot...:D well u know,when i see positive comments by ppl who have such an experience like all of u do... i get way way way too excited;:D:D:D:D:D THX A LOT... SOON, MY NEW ARTICLE IS ALSO GONNA ARRIVE;-):D THX AGAIN UR WONDERFUL...
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Re: Laws - Virtues - Project
Post # 8
it is great! good job Imperator
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Re: Laws - Virtues - Project
Post # 9
good, very good
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Re: Laws - Virtues - Project
Post # 10
This is a very awesome post imperator and I hope alot of others will read it as well...Great Post!!
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