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What Newbs Need to Know

Forums ► General Info ► What Newbs Need to Know
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What Newbs Need to Know
Post # 1
i believe that some people need guidance on what they should learn for the basics. many come here confused and think that we all can freeze time within a week of studying, or flying after one night of studying.

the only way to remedy this is for those of us with experience to give topics for the newer members to research. heres a few i found important or now find important.

learn about chakras, psi energy, shielding, grounding, angels, demons, dragons, psi vampyres, sanguinarian vampyres, auras, grounding, herbs, stones, runes, tarot, kinesis, psi energy, totems, astral projection, Therians, psi balls, and shields (its put here twice cause its VERY important)....and there is ALOT more. go on a journey.......

i would like any other experienced magick user to add as they see fit.

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Re: What Newbs Need to Kn
Post # 2
definitively you are a troll (just making fun of you).....


THANK YOU FOR THIS THREAD.. it is well needed.(in all seriousness)
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Re: What Newbs Need to Kn
Post # 3
Im sure what Luzifer said will help a lot of wanna be's here. Oh dont forget about meditating.

Lotta bubbles'

~~~ oakie ~~~
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Re: What Newbs Need to Know
Post # 4
Hey all btw luzifer is rite some of us really do need guidance coz we generally dont know WHAT THE HELL we're doin !!!!!!!!!!!
So i suggest checkin this page every once in a while

Good Luck Luzifer
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Re: What Newbs Need to Know
Post # 5
energy manipulation is often considered the "practices" or "basics" of Magic(k) to be used and bypassed.

I firmly believe that energy manipulation is one of the most important cornerstones of Any magic(k)al practice.

as such, I would like to take the time to add a few pieces of information and would urge others to follow Luzifer's example.

Step one: Learn to meditate.

The most basic meditation is of course laying down flat in the darkness and being utterly calm. Breathing in for 6 seconds, holding for four, exhaling 6 holding 4. Very simple, can be altered easily and works. You swiftly feel your awareness expand, your body "tingle" and energies move.

As soon as you begin to meditate you will also notice your body's energies.

Now incase you prefer to do exercises over meditation, I offer this advice:

find a comfortable place. be relaxed.

you must focus on your body, feel the breath enter your lungs and the beating of your heart. focus until you can feel the blood flow in your very veins.

eventually, usually around the stomache, you will begin to feel a pulsing or swirling that is Not your blood.

this is the main energy centre for your body and energy pools here.

once it is felt, you can will it to move. this step is as easy or hard as you make it.

Always, always ALWAYS.. remember. With Psi. If you get fustrated, you will fail. if you get overtired you Will fail.

If you are Positive it wolnt work, You Shall Fail.

it reflects your mental state as no other energy does, as it Is your mental essence.

Practice reversing the "swirling" feeling, to counter clockwise.

then attempt to move the flow, to "churn it". visualise, feel, See. whichever method works for your learning method.

try and move this flow up an arm, usually you're writing arm is easier.. but not always.

when you can will it to your arm, usually by visualising it as water or fluid.. though some prefer fire or electricity (to each their own), you can then pull it to your palm.

cupping your palm upwards, you can then "pool" the energy in your hand. it can feel hot, cold, Static Like, thick, or thin.

when you master one palm of energy, move to the other arm and repeat the process.

Remember to stop and rest or eat if you get a headache, chills, hot flashes, nausia or too tired.

Once you are capable of moving it to each palm seperatly, then you must learn to do it with both at once.

at this point a psiball can be formed.

a psiball is formed when you place your energy filled hands within 6 inches of each other, and you will the collected energies out of your hands to meet in the space between.

as you add energy, visualisea ball. the energy will cause it to grow and expand as you add more, or shrink as you take it away.

This is basic energy manipulation, psiballs can be "programmed" to be/do things beyond feel "pulsy" in your hands.

Programming is basicly willing the psiball to take on characteristics (get warm) or abilities (stay in a ball shape if I put you down, or be shaped like ___).

Good luck
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Re: What Newbs Need to Know
By: / Novice
Post # 6
I have come to realise in my studies, that no matter much you learn there's always more. More? Much more. Depending, of course, on the path you choose. Some may find contentment in even basic or fundamental knowledge on magick, wicca, mysticism and the like.
Some take a more scholarly approach and stick their noses in everything. Any magicians or aspiring wizards know precisely what I mean. (Note: when I speak of the magician I relate it with the non or multi religious yet highly spiritual practicioner. And when I speak of the wizard I speak of the most advanced of these practicioners. The well-seasoned practicioner that has seen every side.)
I was going to compile a reading list of the books that have helped me along my path and link to where you could read each of them online. I decided, however, that I would just give you a link to several suggestions. The site also has links by topic for everything. Wicca, thelema, enochian, rosicrucian, egyptian you can find it all here somewhere so dig in.

Also a book I haven't seen on this site but have found online, is a book by Franz Hartmann called "Magic: white and black" it also has an alternate title something like "or the science of the finite and infinite..."
Excellent book.

Lol another highly suggested read from me is "liber aba" or "liber four" by Aleister Crowley. They can be found, I think in the section about Thelema on the website I gave.
Sorry I'm such a windbag, but enjoy.
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Re: What Newbs Need to Kn
Post # 7
Very mpressive, Flagg & Perdurabo! :)
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Re: What Newbs Need to Know
By: Moderator / Adept
Post # 8
I think reading and being knowledgeable about the different aspects of magic is very important. Read up on Greek Mythology, Egyptian magics, Alister Crowley, the Wiccan movement, Voodoo, Hoodoo, Native American practices, the Mayans, the Druids, (ok the list goes on)... History is a good thing to understand. Compare and contrast these things and come to conclusions on your own and discuss them with others. The more you know the more you will make connections and the more you will understand. That is why magical knowledge is a life long process.

Good thread! Kudos Luzifer
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Re: What Newbs Need to Know
Post # 9
Here are a few sites that I have found helpful on my journey....hopefully others will add sites they found helpful
















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Re: What Newbs Need to Know
Post # 10
a good excercise would be for someone to go to the below site and point out some information that is WRONG in the FAQ


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