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Name: Zeriphane
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Hi their if you are reading this you’re
trying to hunt me or learn something about
Me. I want to tell you to try and have an
Open mind about me and how I came to
Actually awaken , as a child I never really
Had the best parents so they sent me to
Live with my uncle in a town so small
That a map specialist had never even
Heard of and at the age of six of all
Things ( I have a habit of writing
Everything like a book so I can cover all
Spots of what I’m saying so please follow
With me because this is my life story)
it was up on that farm where I felt normal
and for two years I felt peaceful of all things
when I was eight my mother came to get
Me after dropping off my little sister to
See her uncle for two weeks and decided
To take me with her and things were going
To Never be that peacful again for me
as I started to get older and grow my
Parents started acting weird towards
Me because of quick I was growing
I was 5’9 at the age of ten and it just
That way for several years until I was
Fourteen and that’s when it get weird
, so my mom ended up getting this crazy
boyfriend in late July and they end up
Going on a date and locked my out of the
House I was lucky we live on a large plot
Of land at that time or I would probably
be in a bunch of jars or being trained to
Kill, because when I learned that they
Locked me out and didn't tell me I was
So furious that I some how punched a
So hard it sounded ten times louder than
Bowling ball being smashed into the floor
At a bowling alley and the only reason I
Remember this is because it caused my
Ears to ring for three damn weeks and I
Had chuncks of wood in my nuckles for
A month. I can also snap the insides of
Doorknobs just by opening them with
A lot of force and grip, but it’s hard to get
A perfect grip on round knobs so those
Are my preferred choice because I have
A habit of snapping the slim ones in two
That are used on school doors now days
The first of my parents to have a mental
After trashing the woods behind my house
Was my dad of all things and he didn’t
Live with us then, but I think it was
Because I was able to make a grown man
Piss him self at the age of 14 and he
Could never do that , then my mom
Started acting weird and started
To practice what she uses to call An
Abomination After she tried and failed to
Smash my face in with brass knuckles
And it hurt like a bitch, when I went into
High school I started to see things around
People and they turned out to be called
Auras which I had to study it so I
Wouldn’t freak out because I can’t see my
Aura but apparently others who can
See that stuff could see theirs and I got
Jealous so I tried a spell I found in one
Of my moms spell books it was supposed
To summon a tropical storm near me so I
Tried it and when I originally did it I was
Only joking but sure enough 3 days after
That spell a category 5 hurricane popped
Up out of nowhere and left us trapped in
Our house for three weeks, I had done the
Spell to see if it would work because when
I did it I was having a hard time in school
so My intentions were to make it so I would
Have to go to school for a while but, what
Should of hit us was going to be mild
But no I summoned a category five
Hurricane and reget it till this day because
When people are trapped like that their
True colors show and my mom is brutally
Honest when drunk if you got one shot
Of whiskey in her and she will go straight
Into telling you what she really thinks
With out holding back, so one night she
Was hammered and was talkin with
Someone on the phone and just hangs
Up on them to call me an abomination of
All things then she started throwing stuff at
Me and I’ve also never broken a bone in
My entire body. If you made it to the end of
The peaceful part of my life story then you
Just learn a lot about me so please keep
A open mind and understand that because
Of my “ tiny mistakes” with magic that you
Won’t think of me as a monster as well.