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Name: bbygrizzly23
Birthday: Mar 6 1997
Location: Ontario Canada
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Heyy there, I used to use this site alot when I was younger in my early teens. I made a lot of friends here, now it seems strange but comforting being back here but not the same. After moving from my city to my own home it's been vary hard to meet people mostly cause my classes stopped and so did my work from covid 19 so ya it sucks havent been able to chill with anyone in about 5 months um. I am a reptile breeder although I love bears I own several cobra species (monicaled cobras, indo chinise spitting cobras and soon some kings) and rattlers (mojave and speckled) as well as some african vipers (west african gaboon vipers) and mainland reticulated pythons (currently 17 ft hoping to get her a mate) I also own a Morelets crocodile (currently 3.5 ft) and several tarantulas. Hoping to get a trio of eyelash vipers soon and some of the scorpion species I used to own. I also breed my own snake food and have a ton of African soft fur rats but am just getting started at that and yes I love the feeders and feel vary sad when I humanely put them to sleep so they can be fed. Other things about me are I have a ton of tattoos as well as 2 of my xs on me ya it's crazy but they wanted to be there and I let them none turned out to be the one and it sucks but they are beautiful tattoos so I dont really care it's just art. Um I am also an artist in pretty much every art form. I love the beach and swimming and tanning. I smoke when I'm depressed or lonely witch is pretty much every day but I'm not a heavy smoker and will quit when I feel better. I am a personal trainer and body builder thou covid set me back ten fold. I love nature and camping canoeing kayaking and campfires and alot more. I love old British comedys and the office and Seinfeld. I love hiking and bike rides and icecream. I believe in ghosts and sometimes see them (magick side) I also really need a friend like a good one so please if anyone wants to talk please do