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Name: OceanAwake
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Welcome to my profile! I go by many names but you can call me Sanya. I'm 17 and I'm being raised in a magick household. I have a passion for herbalism and botany in general and I love learning about different magical traditions. Feel free to message me!
My practices:
I am a crowned priest of Elegua in the Lukumi tradition,
I also do Hoodoo/Brujeria,
Eggun work,
White Table work,
and I do a few other things too haha.
For Orisha stuff, I know a little bit but I've only been crowned for a year so I'm not much help if you have questions regarding that, feel free to ask about it though.
What I'm studying:
Spirit work,
The Fae,
The Diloggun,
Traditional Cornish Witchcraft,
And random occult things that cross my mind