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Name: HybridBoy
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Hi there, my name is: Nexus. But feel free to call me Nex.
I'm a pureblood vampire, and I like to make spells for others, so here follows a list of what kind of magic spells and rituals I can make for people. (I also personally teach all of the magic listed below so if you want you can mail me here or text me on Discord, my username there is: Meliodas#4415
Convex Magic
Cure / Healing Spells.
Death Spells.
Resurrection Spells.
Hurt Spells.
Combat Spells.
Banishing Spells.
Enchantment Spells.
Protection / Defense Spells.
Binding Spells.
Energy Spells.
Summoning Spells.
Conjuring Spells.
Force Spells.
Power Spells.
Warding Spells.
Barrier Spells.
Sealing Spells.
Seal / Barrier Destruction Spells.
Elemental Spells.
Weather Spells.
Telekinetic Spells.
Time Spells.
Absorption Spells.
Vampiric Spells.
Draconic Spells.
Demonic Spells.
Blood Magic.
I also teach how to use the Earth's Leylines.
P.S. I mostly make spells in latin, draconic, various dialects of vampiriclanguages.
If you need something like a spell or advice or anything. Then you can just mail me, or even request a spell on my discord channel, here's the link: https://discord.gg/KW2APKy or you can click on the button website on my profile, its the same link.