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Name: Johannon
Location: Nowhere and all around, in the cracks that run through your reality
Last Seen: Thu, 13 Dec 2018
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Merry met, friend who stumbled upon my humble abode in this sea of knowledge called SoM. The name is Johannon. I am a student of the arkane arts in all their aspects, not just the dogmatic angle of witches. If you know anything about lovecraftian sorcery or what is commonly referred to as lovecraftian sorcery I hereby call upon you to message me and tell me what you know as I have thus far been unable to acquire decent knowlegde about these things. Furthermore, if you have questions about demonology, the summoning of angels or just spellcraft in general you may also message me. Should you just want to talk, that is fine too, but please come over with a topic in mind! I hate to be poked and then be expected to start and carry an entire conversation. I do spells for those who ask nicely. But only of you realize the following things: -Spellcraft takes some time - I require some personal information from you in order to cast my spells effectively - I cannot change your appearence or intelligence - I WILL NOT CAST CURSES FOR YOU!!!!! If all of that is understood, Blessed be