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Name: lovew1tch
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Jade | 21

I connect a lot of spirituality to my ethnic background which is Cantonese, Syrian, and Nehiyo. This issomething that is incredibly personal and important to me, the connection makes my practice feel stronger and more full.I do not share most of my cultural practice detailsopenly because a lot of it is part of closed beliefs, but I love to talk to people who have a similar path! That being said I still practice new-age spiritualism and witchcraft-related practices as well.

Cartomancy practitioner, traditional beader, ancestral worker, wire worker, and herbalist (although you can never really stop learning about herbalism).

Things I aspire to learn about/become certified in are Reiki and full-spectrum doula work.

Open to sharing my discord and/or snap chat to those who want to talk more, but I'm not linking them because I tend to get trolls and creepers. Just come and talk to me with good energy and kindness and I will do the same!