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hello! I am a pagan who has been practicing the art for around four years. I specialize in summoning rituals (though all I summon are spiritual since I'm aware that summoning physical beings is impossible) and I specialize in crystals and gems.

I'm free to talk to, and happy to help, so please mail me or DM me if you need to! I'm also frequently on discord, where you can find me at PricklyPear12#9696

Again, I'm glad to help, and I know at least a little bit in each field of magick (though I'm best at explaining the specialties I listed above) as for contacting me, feel free to call me Pear. If you need help with spells, or if you want me to create a spell for you(though please note I can't do everything) go ahead and ask. have a great day!

as for personality I'm fun loving and always ready to help. I'm single as a pringle, and a useless lump haha

also please don't use my profile photo. the art is mine, and I don't want it stolen, thanks