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Name: SaintValek
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Hey it?s Corvinus I miss all you my friends on this site so just message me anytime and for those who don?t know me my name is Chris I?m 22 years old there several disclaimers I want to make clear about 1. I?m a dude so anyone sends me creepy messages about hookups and your a dude I?ll block you 2. I?m not a vampire so don?t ask if I?m one or to turn you into a vampire 3. Don?t ask me about casting spells because I?m a novice and I won?t cast anything for you So those are my rules if you can follow them we?ll get along just fine My hobbies are video games Watching tv and listening to music and streaming anime My interests are researching paranormal activity as will as magic I’ve always had an interest into mystery so that’s why I’m here