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Name: NerdyNinja
Location: Any where that is happy and fun!!!
Gender: Female
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Hello, readers/viewers that are looking at my profile! For now, you can just call me "Ninja" This is my nickname mostly because I move at a stealth-like pace.

HOW DO I LOOK? : If you want to know what I look like I basically look like "Claude" from "Black Butler" but instead he has purple glasses and has wavy hair and is a female.

Personality type: ENFP

WHAT DO I LIKE? : EVERYTHING! I think that there is some good in everything and everyone. Expect things/people that hurt others. I LIKE: anime, video games, any kid-friendly fandom you could possibly think off, books, all kinds of animals, nature, talking, martial arts, singing, writing, drawing and a whole lot of stuff.


-people who are full of themselves

-people who are VERY sarcastic

-People who hurt children and animals

-people who do not respect me or my family and friends


-people who do not respect the environment


- I am a "Heyoka Empath" so feel free just to chat with me or ask me questions or problems that you have, I'll do my best and be happy to help

-I'm an extrovert so expect my sentences to have lots of exclamation marks! -

-I am a tomboy

-I don't care about gender I am fine with anyone

-I don't care about religion I accept everyone and expect the same back

-I am NOT looking for a relationship -Feel free to email me! I'm VERY friendly I assure you!

- If you would like me to be your counselor, mentor or guide I'd be happy to help. (although if you have problems that are "dirty" I will not be able to help with that)

- I do martial arts. I do taekwondo. (I am a green belt)

-the moon controls my emotions (when the moon is full my energy rises. When it sets I become weak and down)

- I am a people person. Its all most like I need people to live.

-I fear failure.

- I seek happiness and peace in this world.


"I am like an endless ocean. I can heal and cure but Ican also destroy and kill. Anger me or hurt the ones I love and expect a tsunami coming you're way very shortly " -written by me

Little things I enjoy in this life:

-April fools

-seeing people happy

-makingpeople happy

-blessing home and families




-peace treatys

WHO AM I REALLY AND WHY AM I HERE? : That is a good question. I am here to learn. I am the family counselor of Olympus. I am the goddess of laughter(joy and peace), wisdom and communication and weirdness/insanity.

I am the protector of children, families, and animals. It is also my job to make sure that they aren't too many wars going on and that even is happy and not angry all the time.

My father is Kratos (the god of war) and my mother is well i am unsure of that. I am still looking for my true mother. My mission is to help others in need in any kind of way.

If you've read all of this, all I can say is...thanks! But Anyways have an awesome day! (^~^)