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Welcome stranger to my profile. My name is SeaLioness, because both stand for freedom. You are free to explore the seas, and anything surrounding it. No matter if it is an unexpected destination, or one planned. A journey is a journey no matter the destination. On the other hand, a lion or lioness is free in the wild. No worries, or problems to be stressed about. Here on land the wild was overtaken by humans, and we must learn to co exist with beasts and mythical kind. Rules before mailing me . Yes there are rules, sorry. 1. I do not give personal information. Such as : location, name, adress, or even other person also questions. 2. I do not give personal social media either. Ever hear of STRANGER DANGER. 3. I will not do magic for you, nor turn you into something 4. I will not accept dating, or sexual messages. 5. Like a lion I trust easily, but anger me and you'll be lunch. 6. I am not nor Claiming to be ANYTHING, I am a writer simply trying to avoid Life's Struggles. About me _ I love writing and reading _ I love bowling _ I do photography _ I love movies _ I am a GRYFFINDOR ( hence my lion pride ) _ I am pro life meaning I don't practice nor study any sort of religion and or beliefs. _ Kylo Ren my master. All Hail Kylo Ren _ I love mythical creatures and their origins _ I love travelling _ I love all animals _ I cosplay In the end all stories must come to an end. So please stop reading this, and either mail me or go on and continue your story. Every little moment is precious and must be treasured like gold. ( Red, and Gold) Life is like a king of the jungle if you learn to coexist then you will be happier than ever before _ SeaLioness