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Name: Dondrath
Location: In the dark void
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My name in the demon tounge is Smbl or Smbel, I look on the more darker side of things and such find the study of black magic as some would say fascinating...but really who can say that white magic is so different from its brother, take my example for instance. There is a village with two brothers both in cloaks, one of white and one of black. The brothers were out gathering food for the harvest when a cruel leader wiped out the village, now one brother went to heal the people and in their eye he was a saviour to them while the other went to kill the leader who caused all that sorrow. The question I ask is...who was which brother, if you can not find said answer then you may call upon me but my answer maybe not what you expect... My interest in other forms would be that of demonology and thus I have gained some information on particular demons overtime, which I will be more than happy to discuss if curiosity takes the better of you. I also live by this moral...all sins are accepted if used correctly,sins are the backbone of humanity and without it we would not be human and thus a understanding of each sins and the principles they hold should be something understood other than just reminiscings of a fool