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I'm going to make this short and sweet here. I'M INTERESTED IN DRAGON MAGIC! I'm looking for someone who is willing to teach. IM not looking for a relationship im not looking for someone to say they will teach me and then turn around and just want to flirt. I do except gifts. I am also willing to help people if i know how to. So far i have learned the runes alphabet and am writing in it. Im working on becoming a eclectic witch. There is no wrong religon in my eyes. Every religon has a purpose in this world the reason is not known. Im some what of a gamer girl thanks to my boyfriend. I love exploring and fishing. But most of all i am dedicated to my practices. I have learned alot by watching many of Akasha Wolf's videos on youtube and on this site. Anyone also taking the dragonic path i would sujest looking at dragonfether's youtube videos. I am a huge rock fan from old rock to modern to metal i love it all.