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Name: Blake.p
Birthday: Jun 12 2000
Location: ohio (usa)
Gender: Male
Last Seen: Mon, 06 May 2019
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Personal Bio

I'm 18 and I'm gay (will update it later but will do for now)

if you want to mail me I'm open to all just mail me anything you want to talk about.

Things I know how to do

  • move clouds
  • make a psi ball

Things to consider before you mail me

  • Don't ask me to cast a spell for you.
  • don't just mail to tell what I need to do, if you want you can give me advice to help me.
  • do not ask me to give you money. (it's against the rules and it's rude.)

About me

  • I love hugs
  • i have been a wiccanfor about 4 years now

things i'm learning

  • areokinesis