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I've never thought seriously of magic and stuff till a few days ago. Yeah well, I had often dreams about having superpowers, like flying, telekinesis, but nothing that serious. Now that I think of it, many of you might use magic for the good of someone, either yourselves or the people you care about. I am here maybe just for the fun of it, I know it can sound at least unusual, if not disrespectful. But oh well, as long as it doesn't get personal nobody's gonna be hurt, I guess. What about my interests? I enjoy cartoons, animes, video games and card games, I've been studying Maths for two years and a half, and then at the dawn of 2017 I moved to Chemistry, which I find now more stimulating. I used to play the electric guitar in a band and write songs, but it's been a while and I might be a bit unused now. Instead I found a D&D 3.5 party and I'm happy for it. Lastly, I've written a little piece of short novel about the life of a woman, a priestess among a fictional people. Feel free to friend request me if you want, not that I have anything to teach (it'd rather be vice versa, cause anybody is definitely more aknowledged than me), or else just ignore me LOL. Also I love cats. "Powers are for the weak, I have no powers." "Check urself b4 u shrek urself." "Can't you see? He's the man, let me hear you applaude. He is more than a man, he's a shining golden god!"