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Name: wolffang79
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each of us have a bit of darkness within us i believe we just have to embrace it just as much as the light. Those who wait will never progress in life but will march to their end vice/versa while fate may guide us we still have the choice to stray from the path laid out for us every ending lays out the path for a new begining a wolf fiercely howling at the moon is but a pup trying to hide his loneliness and a dragon that teaches others obtains more knowledge than he gives If death brings the material for life and life brings the promise of death where is the true end? those who fight the hardest are the ones who want it to end but fight on for those they care about (this is at least true for me tell me what you think!) all these phrases were made by me now all seriousness if you want to talk to me please have somthing to talk about If there is darkness there is outward strength where the is light there is inner strength If what we fear is the unknown then are we afraid of our own true nature? We all have a gate within where balance is the skeleton key The ones who have lost their minds are the true genius of life